What a bummer!!!

  1. image-1423597919.jpg

    Got these on sale from Neiman about 5weeks ago. Since i dont live in the states someone got them for me but never bothered to check. Just realized that they both are for the right foot :sad: What do I do?? Any suggestions!!!
  2. Call the store you purchased them from and send them back. It's likely they won't have a replacement pair at this point if they were from sale season but at least you'll get your money back. Sorry! I've received two wrong pairs this sale season and one mismatched (different sizes for left and right) but never two of the same feet. Bummer!
  3. I know it's pretty crazy isn't it. To get two of the same feet..
  4. Ahhh, I feel so sorry about your pair!

    I agree on calling your store and letting them know about the situation. But hope they will be able to get a replacement for you :flowers:
  5. Yeah call the boutiques, good luck :yes:

    btw... I think they're both of the LEFT foot lol
  6. The rights shoe looks like a left-feet shoe to me?! :confused1:
  7. Maybe it's just the picture but they also look like 2 different shoes!
  8. Well IMHO the shoe on the left looks like it has been tried on or worn(some stretching) but if you look at the insole they are both definately "two left feet"...And any of us that can wear CL's do not have two left feet!!! hehe :giggles:

    I'm pretty sure Neiman will be willing to work with you! Contact them and see what they say!