What a bummer....

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  1. The Josephine GM i ordered from let-trade arrived in vancouver on wednesday and i was really hoping it would arrive before the weekend but i just checked the tracking # (for the umpteenth time - haha) and it was just sent to the postal sorting office this morning. :cry:

    guess i'll have to wait until next week to get it. and monday is a holiday here so hopefully it'll arrive on tuesday (which is also my birthday!)

    was really hoping it would arrive today. oh well.

    thanks for letting me b*tch and moan about it. i know you guys will understand. :smile:
  2. Did you buy that beautiful navy TST one? If so, that's definitely worth crying about.
  3. I hate waiting too:sad:
  4. yes, that's the one!

    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    can't wait for it to arrive though!:party:

    btw, do you know what TST stands for or means?
  5. Awwww I hate waiting too especially with the long weekend!

    But it's coming and you know it has safetly arrived.:yes:

    I'm also from Vancouver by the way! I saw your location -very cool! :supacool:

    P.S I have no clue what TST stands for...?
  6. TST = tone-on-tone
  7. I hate the waiting game! But happy early birthday!
  8. Poor thing! You have to show pictures when it arrives.
  9. pinkcaviar: nice to see a fellow PFer from vancouver! i think there are a few of us here

    addictedtolv: thanks for the info. have always wondered about that!

    dustypaws: thanks! my looming bday is how i justified this purchase to myself. hahahah...

    jazzybelle: will definitely post pics. i can't wait to see the bag. i think i'm really going to like it!
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