what a blow to my self confidence :(

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  1. i don't know if anyone has ever had to deal with what i'm dealing with, but it's terrible. earlier this year i developed a skin condition and it was later diagnosed as perioral dermatitis. the first IDIOT doctor prescribed something called elocon for me, which is a topical steroid. i start using it and it makes it go away, but if i don't use it religiously it just comes back, worse than before. i begin reading on the condition and learn that elocon and any kind of topical steroid is the worst thing you could possible use for perioral dermatitis, and only will make it worse and spread upon discontinuing use. the skin literally becomes addicted to the steroid, so if you use it it suppresses it, but once you stop using it makes it worse. hence, i too became addicted to using it because i didn't want to walk around looking like this. it is inflamed, tiny scaly red bumps that look like acne but is considered a "disease" and antibiotics are needed in order to rid myself of it. i went to a derm (who was a complete quack) who prescribed doxycycline for me. i only have a month's supply but my condition has worsened since i stopped using elocon 2 weeks ago, and the cream (besides the oral doxycycline) he prescribed for me only seems to inflame and irritate it.

    i've read as much as i can on the condition. the doctor told me it should clear up with the amount of medicine he's given me within a month's time, but i'm reading how many people with this condition suffer and try everything to get rid of it, with no avail. i even read about someone who's been battling it for 8 years! :wtf: i'm very sad as i'm always MISERABLE unless i have a clear face, and i'm constantly thinking about how people are wondering what the hell is on my face. i've also read that fluorinated toothpastes and an ingrediant put in most soaps and shampoos called sodium lauryl sulfate (it's what causes it to lather and get sudzy) is thought to contribute to the condition in cause or aggrevation. the cause is not typically known so it is very hard to target what is making this happen, but if i stop using fluorinated toothpaste i run the risk of getting cavities and my long, thick hair will be a knotted mess if i start using a shampoo other than the kind i use. not only that but they're not even 100% sure it contributes to making the dermatitis worse.

    i look like crap and i'm very sad. i have events coming up soon where i want to look my best and that just doesn't seem to be possible right now. :crybaby:

    has anyone ever had to deal with this condition? if so, how did you get rid of it? i feel like my antibiotics aren't doing anything and can only sit back and watch my face break out even more. :crybaby:
  2. Darn, girl. I've never been through that, but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery. A big hug!!
  3. oh my goodness, i am so sorry. i know how you feel in a way, I started taking Tarceva about 6 months ago which has a side effect of a 'rash'. its not a 'rash' really... its full blown acne (not technically but it might as well be, looks and acts the same) with severly dry sensitive flaky skin. I was also prescribed steroids (a no-no for this too!) for topical use which like you said helped, but just temporarily.
    I also had to sit back and watch my skin freak out and i had NO idea what to do. I lived with it for 3 or 4 months(trying everything to fix it) before i figured out that this 'rash' HATES glycolic acid products. A mild glycolic solution cleared up the bumps and red splotchies within 2 or 3 weeks, with notable improvement after just 1 week. I used the Pimple Eraser (horrid name, godsend product) once a day, which is basically just glycolic acid and water. My skin is still very dry but its clear because of glycolic acid.
    I dont know if this is the same, but it sounds pretty similar, and the pimple eraser is only 10 bucks at walgreens (i get mine at walgreens.com since theyre hard to find in the store). GOOD LUCK!!
  4. ^^^ i don't think it's the same. you can see what it looks like if you look up perioral dermatitis. it does look like a rash but it's not all over, just above my mouth on the sides of my nose. it was only on one side but because of the stupid idiot doctor who prescribed the steroid, it spread to the other side of my mouth. i think i'm going to find it very difficult to trust my family doctor again. and the dermatoligist they sent me to will only prescribe branded products which makes copays for medicines $$$$$$$$$.
  5. aw im sorry, i was hoping it would help, and i reallllly think you need a new Dr. and dermatologist. Finding a doctor you like and that you can trust is a very difficult task, but it is very worth it in the long run. A good derm. can be your best friend too. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, I know how difficult something like this can be :crybaby:
  6. it is. it's just not something we have a ton of money to spend on right now. the market is baddd and it's affecting a lot of industries. and i'm trying to take the antibiotics correctly but i find myself taking it at all different times of the day because i am supposed to take it after meals and i never eat at the same time, at least not right now when i'm so busy with school and work. so i don't know if it's because i'm not taking the antibiotic correctly that's prolonging it to heal or what.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. Although you said that money is a bit of an issue right now if possible you should definitely get another doctor's opinion. To try to avoid spending money on anymore bad doctors you could ask, before making an appointment, how many of the derm's patients have been treated for your condition & what s/he normally prescribes for it. This may help avoid another bad doc. Hope things get better for you soon.
  8. apparently the antibiotic he gave me is supposed to be the best for it, but it will probably take time. and this is something i am very impatient with. i hate looking like this :crybaby:
  9. My heart goes out to you. I am in sort of a similar situation as you - it started as a small red ITCHY:sad: patch on the right side of my face that would appear with no rhyme or reason!! My then derm (total jerkoff) prescribed elocon to me also. I used it for awhile and, like u, it would go away but then come back if I stopped using it. The derm said I had either rosacea or seboric dermatitis. Long story short I found another derm who's fantastic and she prescribed a vitamin for me called Nicomide (it's primarily for acne but it seems to be helping). I aslo use Elidel but I use it sparingly due to cancer warnings. Please find yourself another derm as soon as possible. It can be frustating but it's well worth it!

    BTW, please be careful with the doxycycline. I took that for a month for acne on my forehead and it totally screwed up my stomach:tdown:. All antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your stomach but Doxy did a number on mine!! My stomach hasn't been the same since. Hopefully, it won't affect u the way it did me!!
  10. I don't have perioral dermatitis, but I went and read a little bit about it and from what I got it is similar to eczema? I have eczema and have to use topical steriods when I get an outbreak. However there is one "miracle product" that has really helped me. It's called Aveeno Baby Soothing Moisture Relief Cream, it helps a LOT.

    The only other advice I can think to give is to join a website called www.makeupalley.com and post on the boards over there asking for their advice as well. There are very many well informed ladies on there, and that's how I found out about the products I use to help my eczema - and the products they recommended work way better than the stuff my derm recommended I use!

    Good luck hun and hang in there, it will get better. :smile:
  11. I am so sorry. I know that must be so hard, but hopefully you're on the right path now.

    Maybe get a timer, they even make medical ones, for pretty cheap. set it for 15 minutes or a half hour before you're suppose to take the meds...and then even if you have to have a power bar or something you take your meds at the same time.
  12. thanks for all your advice everyone. i'm having pictures taken soon which is one of the reasons why i want it to go away FAST, and patience is just something i don't have. i'll check over at those boards though, and i am thinking i might go to another derm. it can't hurt.
  13. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

    I've been struggling with regular old acne for a while now (finally gotten it under control with a drug/cream cocktail).

    I must say, however, that it's NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK IT IS. I see people with acne problems all the time, and it's generally not the first thing I notice. Self-confidence, even in the face of skin issues, can really do a lot for how people view you, KWIM? Keep your chin up (literally) and don't be ashamed. :heart:
  14. aww im so sorry your upset..you are so gorgeous..i bet it looks 1000's worse to you than it does to anyone else

    are there any holistic treatments out there?/ maybe u can combine the two...i always find that dermatologist type antibiotics make me worse...they are too harsh for me so i try alot of holoistic things..like i dont drink caffeine anymore or eat sugar and my acne went away...maybe it could be aggrivated my something in your diet or something lacking in your diet
    sorry this happened to you but stay positive..it'll get better!!!:balloon:

    oh another thing if u have a photo shoot they can airbruish anything!! so dont worry if it hasent cleared up as much as u like just feel good about urself and that'll shine thru!!

    another time i had a rash and it was from stress..i didnt believe my dr at the time but looking back i realize he was right..i was super stressed (even though i didnt realize it at the time) and as soon as things got better the rash went away and it actually did start to come back when i was stressed again so thats how i came to finally believe him!
  15. I don't know if this will help, but I once came upon a story online about a girl who had a bad rash-like problem on her face, and absolutely nothing the doctors did helped. Then one day the girl and her mom were in a small town store; this little old lady was there, took one look at the girl and said, "Burnt flour." They said what, of course, and the little old lady told them about an old home remedy. You simply sprinkle flour in a skillet over low heat, and stir it while you basically let it turn really, really brown. Let it cool, and rub it all over your face. This woman swore it worked for her daughter (the girl in this story).

    Good luck! I really feel for you.