What A Bloody Spectacle: M.J Takes His 9 Year Old Daughter Out For Her B-Day !

  1. http://www.mollygood.com/media/viewer/parisbday06-20070404.php


    Yesterday was Paris Jackson's ninth birthday. To celebrate, her father, Michael, took her on a shopping excursion to FAO Schwarz, threw her a grand party and allowed her to wear only one black dress wrapped tightly around her face and neck.
  2. that poor child...I'm not sure any of his kids have a fighting chance at any type of normalcy....so sad:sad:
  3. You know what makes me sick? Celebrities who are obviously unbalanced being able to buy/adopt children. I feel for these kids because they are going to need ALOT of therapy when they grow up.
  4. I wonder what she's thinking walking around with her head wrapped in a scarf like that ?

    Aww she's only nine.
  5. That guy is nuts!!!! Those poor kids!!!
  6. I still do not believe these kids are even Micheals biological children. Don't believe it at all and I have good reason for those beliefs.
    He's nuts...I feel so sorry for these kids!
  7. well they can't be his biological children, if they were they'd have a LOT darker skin...
    poor girl...
  8. Has she ever known anything different? Poor kid.
  9. I find this disturbing! When any celeb does it, but especially Michael Jackson. Has she ever been in public without that? poor girl.
  10. Aw poor kid so sad!
  11. Michael is a weirdo for making her wear that on her head.. must be so uncomfortable and annoying!
  12. poor kid. that's really upsetting.
  13. that IS child abuse!
  14. Poor kid. You can't help but feel bad and wish that his children would have a chance at having a somewhat normal childhood.
  15. That is so sad. :sad: