what a BEAUTIFUL BAG...lol

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  1. http://www.ebay.com.my/viItem?ItemId=280000229445

    this is an email from the seller


    I don't blame you in wanting more info and such, but no, there is no dust cover, I have moved once since I purchased this and the dust cover and such I have no idea where they went, could have been tossed as I had this one and several others put in bubble wrap and such for the move from the bay area. It was purchased the first of last year for $2300.00. This is a unique and rare LV, like I stated in the format, I took more photos for you. This is an Authentic LV, the inside tag, the one with the serial number M5900, also has Louis Vuitton above the serial number and the tag is leather, not like some that are the faux leather which is a clue there are fake. This is a beautiful bag and to be very honest, if it didn't have the real serial number in it, I would not have listed it. I have several friends in law enforcement ( as am I, but I'm Federal), that have come across the fake ones, so I know what you are talking about in being scammed, that's one thing I wouldn't even try to do. I will also tell you that any and all monies from this auction and others of mine go to the ASPCA, so I have nothing to gain from this sale at all,but the 4 legged little furry ones do, don't know if that helps but it's my charity and cause. Anyway, if there are any other questions you have, please lt me know, and again, I don't blame you for wanting to know more, I would too. Take care and thank you for the interest, Michelle

  2. hahahahah .......wtf.....
  3. the many lies that is all in that one letter...my goodness!!
  4. whahahahaahaha:roflmfao:
  5. Omg... It's so FFFFFFUGLY and FAKE! Wtf..wtf...wtf...wtf!
  6. Besides it being ugly...nice serial number...50th month of 1990.
  7. That was my final year in college - so I can verify that 1990 was definitely an unusually long year.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. What? :lol:
  9. um if i didnt know better after recieving a letter like that i would be gulable enough to believe the bag was real, this is why i dont buy of ebay cos afew good lies traslate to a perfect authentic piece at $50 for me!
  10. i know it's donating to a good cause, but that story was a load of crap. i'm gonna write to her.. for goodness sake.

    she's also selling a fake wallet too. but she doesn't state that it's an authentic one.
  11. ps.. most sellers and everyone that sell fakes, all state their bags are authentic... as in.. it's a real live bag.. but it's not an authentic louis vuitton bag. lol. there's a difference. this lady just doesn't know that hers is fake.
  12. Why is she selling crap on ebay if she's a federal law officer? Man their pay must suck these days!
  13. OMG, how dumb is this? :hrmm:

  14. :lol: LOL!! :lol:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: