What $335 Purchased On eBay! (Triple reveal!)

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  1. I did some late night bargain hunting and managed to score these preloved beauties for an absolute steal!

    The Pomme Rosewood was $175 and just listed when I grabbed it. I have the same bag already, but couldn't pass on it for that price as it is so beautiful and rare to see, so I got it for my mom. It's in amazing condition with no colour transfer, light patina and perfect interior.

    The Deauville is from 1996 and was maybe the most epic steal ever IMO.. only $68!!! I'm dyeing the vachetta black for a Macassar look like I did my Alma (see last photo for the dyed Alma). I've wanted a Deauville forever, and the interior is next to flawless. I love the Macassar look, so when I found her for such a steal I thought she would be perfect for a dye job! I was seriously torn between black and brown but I'm going for black. I'll post pics and instructions in a detailed thread when it's complete!

    The Epi Cannes was $98 is another bag I already have and absolutely adore. I use it for travel for my cosmetics and personal items. After seeing it on Charlotte from SATC and Blair from Gossip Girl I thought it was so unusual, yet classy, and i had to have one. My mom loves it, so for how cheap it was, I had to get it for her.

    And rather than another thread, I might as well share while I'm here... they aren't here yet, but for another $250 and $350 respectively I got these MC Milla MMs too, which I didn't discover were in existence until last year and are the affordable going-out bag from LV I've been seeking for years-- i think they're perfect for a night out and a great alternative to the MC pochette, much dressier, perfect for adding some pop to a little black dress!

    So I guess this should probably be titled "what $935 will get on eBay"... i recently let go of a few pieces in my collection that I wasn't using, and after getting these so affordably I still have enough in my fund to be well on my way to the epi denim neverfull I'm eyeing!

    Thank you all for letting me share my steals; there's nothing I love more than a good bargain, and selling a couple of items and being able to add so many really makes me do a little happy dance! I love being able to come here and know you all will share in my joy, it means more than y'all know. TPF ladies rock.

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  2. Oh here's the white Milla.

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  3. Love them all! Wow! Great deals!!! I love that Alma too...very cute!!
  4. Congrats, I love an eBay bargain, enjoy
    Lucky you! Congrats on finding these beauties!

    ....I live in Germany and I've never ever seen any eBay listings this cheap (let alone the goods being in ok-condition:sad: )
  6. Fantastic deals!!!
  7. Amazing! Love great eBay steals!
  8. The Deauville:wtf: :faint:
  9. I'm in awe of the deals you find! I should forward my wish list to you and let you do my shopping. I've found some good deals on eBay, but nothing close to yours...great finds!
  10. +1

    You always have the best finds!
  11. :lolots: many hours of late night searching are how I find them!

    Thank you all. :love:

    A quick shot of Deauville half done...

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  12. Impressive!!
  13. My Millas arrived! They're in incredible shape. The white is from 2008, black from 2012.

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  14. Very nice a lot of interesting pieces congratulations.
  15. Gosh!

    I'm overwhelmed; they say that fortune favours the brave, but in this case fortune favours people willing to put many hours of work into searching for the great deals you've found!

    What baffles me is that I've seen people pay lots of money for used items when the originals are still for sale at LV at lower prices; that one will remain a mystery. :thinking:

    It's wonderful of you to share, but I'm also grateful because I didn't even know the Epi Cannes existed until I saw your post; I now have it on my radar, even though I'm unlikely to find one at such a price. I do need a vanity case for travel, but there's also a sort of romance to the idea which definitely appeals :smile: