What 32cm bag to get

  1. HI All !

    I'm so loving:heart: my 28 kelly, and am planning to get a slightly bigger one (cuz my efforts to wean my DD has failed !! and I now have to bring my B pump to work;)) Also, a dear friend is touring Europe and has offered to help me get a bag from there !

    I'm thinking of either a 32cm Kelly or HAC.
    I've posted previously about the HAC looking too big on me, but i'm thinking perhaps it was the colour (harvanne) and maybe my clothes on that day which just didnt cut it.

    I know the Kelly is totally different from the HAC, but just wanted to get your views on my next purchase.

    TIA !
  2. I will go for HAC...its roomy and for variety since you already have a kelly:smile:, IMO.
  3. What about a 28cm HAC? I have a 32cm Kelly and a 32cm HAC and the size difference is significant IMO.
  4. Tosca, I think you need a HAC or a Birkin for your next H bag.

    And I think I cannot recommend enough that you consider either a 30cm or 35cm birkin instead. It's so much harder to get these from the stores where we are.

    A HAC is easier to come by, and even if you wish to get one later in the future, you can pretty much find something you like locally through your SA, be it a 28cm or 32cm HAC.
  5. toscaong-Most definitely a HAC. :smile:
  6. I haven't found the HAC easy to come by....I wish I could:sad: SA said they were special orders....but, I don't know.

    icechick is right....the HAC 32 is significantly larger than the K 32. It's taller as well as deeper ( front to back ) and as for carrying a pump, it might be just the thing!

    Fab style the HAC 32, I love mine but, it's just different from the Kelly style....which, if you love your 28, I'd suggest at least trying a K 32.
  7. :yes: I was just about to say the same thing! I was shocked at the dif. in size between 32cm kelly and 32cm HAC. I'd say either go for a 32cm Kelly or why not try a Bolide (shoulder strap on a bag is always a bonus in my book)?:idea:
  8. May I suggest somehting different? Have you considered the Bolide in 31? The reason is, I just admired your pic with your sweet baby and the effortless way you had slung your Kelly across your chest and I thought 'Now that's a way to look fabulous with your baby on your arm'. Since you probably have to carry your baby a lot, a bag that doesn't offer you a strap option may not be optimal in your situation right now.
    So my advice would be a Kelly 32 or a Bolide 31 - you might find the 31 Bolide perhaps more becoming on your petite frame. Just my thoughts....
    Another option along those lines would be a Garden Party in TPM (30 cms) that also offers a strap.
  9. Tosca, I was thinking a HAC would add some variety to your collection since you already have the Kelly.

    I do however feel that a 28 may be better on your petite frame and the depth will give you the space you need for your baby.
    But the short handles worry me a little since you have your baby in your arms and cannot carry the bag on your shoulder.

    I think you'll rock the 32 Kelly too, so either way you can't go wrong.
  10. Would you be carrying the HAC when you're with DD? Is there a problem? If yes, then go for a 32cm kelly.

    I know how much you love kelly now. :heart:
  11. Tosca, I would go too for a different style, so HAC or Birkin.

    If you think the shoulderstrap is important for carrying, I indeed would suggest too a Bolide or a Lindy:smile:
  12. Here is a comparison shot of a 32cm Kelly and a 32cm HAC. For me, both bags are a bit big on my frame (5'3" and 110# somewhat small boned). But this is all a personal preference.....I like a smaller bag and prefer a 28cm Kelly, a 30cm Birkin and a 28cm HAC. Anything larger just feels and looks too big for me.
    KellyvsHAC1.jpg KellyvsHAC2.jpg
  13. :tup: S'mom that was an incredibly useful photo!

    I personally love the HAC, but in this case I might suggest a 32cm Kelly with a shoulder strap since as has been mentioned you looked so gorgeous with your Kelly worn messenger-style, and you could use your hands free with a little one.
  14. Bagdizzy/Icechick/Kelly_Birkin/Isus/H_Addict : :heart::smile:Thanks for all your views. I'm "upsizing" so that I can fit my pump into the bag. Having a strap is a bonus (which then means i can use it on weekends wif the tot in arms too!)
    I'll def need to check if i can sling the HAC28 on my arms as I can with the 32.

    MrsS: That's very true ... i really should ask for a 30 birkin, but i think i need a bit more depth to fit in my work items and pump/bag, and the 35 is just too big on me for my liking. that's why i was thinking of an inbetween 32 (either kelly or HAC)

    Hello: Thanks for your kind words u're so sweet;) - To be honest, no i've not considered a Bolide - but thanks for bringing up for consideration !!:yes:

    Accessorize*me: Thanks ! I need to go try on a 28 before I decide. I'm not sure how roomy it is, but a 32 fits everything i need for work and pump !!!

    Queenie: This will be more for a work bag so i dont really need the straps .. but u are right, i'm soooo in love with the kelly :heart::heart::heart:now which is why i'm just throwing it into this equation!!

    Awww, decisions decisioons !!
  15. MrsS: Thanks for your advise:smile::yes:That's very true ... i really should ask for a 30 birkin, but i think i need a bit more depth to fit in my work items and pump/bag, and the 35 is just too big on me for my liking. that's why i was thinking of an inbetween 32 (either kelly or HAC)

    S'MOM: wow the pic is great for a size comparision ! thanks !