Wham it hit me!! Fell hard for the Lindy

  1. Out of nowhere I have fallen hard for the Lindy.
    Just curious, are they hard to obtain or is it likely that you could walk into a boutique and be able to get one? I think the size 30 is around $4600? is that right? and what is the size up from that one and the price?
    Just dreamining for now....you know how I like to dream big!:p
  2. lol!!! you don't dream girl. you're a getter. have you ever tried one on?
  3. RC, you crack me up! So, how did this happen?
  4. Not yet. I have to trek into Alaska. I wonder if they are readily available to try on though?:confused1:
    Anyway, have to bring the transvestite Birkin to Claude and return a pair of shoes to Bergdorf so I better make a plan on getting into the city.
  5. I went to 2 H stores in LA to try on a lindy and they both informed me its one of the most coveted bag nowadays:crybaby:...put my name on the list. hopefully, i will get to see and feel one in person.

  6. Really not sure but I am going to blame it on Maggie!!!
  7. Man, it figures!!! Why do I always fall for the most coveted H bags?
  8. RC = I don't know if they are readily available in "Alaska", but I did see them in Paris. Everyday they received new ones in.

    GOOD LUCK in ALASKA....maybe call ahead to your SA and they can have a few to show you?
  9. I think you'll need to put your name down to obtain a Lindy (That's how it works over in London).

    Yeah!!!:yahoo:My 34 black clemence lindy is ready for collection. I put my name down about 1 month ago and my SA told it'll cost £2600 (UK Pounds). Can't wait to go and pick my new baby up.

    I hope this help!
  10. Girl, I fell for the Lindy too. Can't wait to get my hands on one! Good luck on finding one!
  11. Thanks anHermeslover and Ros. Ros, please post a million pix when you get your bag!! So happy for you!
  12. RC - lindys rock! good luck!
  13. RC, the 34cm in Clemence was around $5K (if not exactly $5K). I would definitely let your SA know you are interested in it. I'm sure they're expecting more in for the Fall season. I saw three on the shelf at FSH-Brighton Blue, Chartreuse, and the Toile combination. A customer had on one in Etoupe and it looked wonderful. I'm pretty happy with my black one, although I still miss my Birkin and Kelly when I carry it.
  14. I would LOVE to know if anyone has both the Lindy and a Birkin and how they compare in everyday situations. I can't remember if this has been discussed before?
  15. Orchids, do you find that you grab the Lindy for certain activities (vs your Kellys or Birkins?)
    Gazoo, good question. I think that I would opt for my Lindy instead of the Birkin on days that I wanted a shoulder bag.