Whaddya think about the .............

  1. Hi guys :]

    I got a PCE card so I want to spend it :] ahaha

    Do you guys like the Sig. Stripe Reversible Tote? Do you think it would be hard to find (I live in NoVA)? Can I get the PCE discount off it?

    Also, do you like the swingpacks (Sig. Stripe Swingpacks)


    CG :heart:
  2. anyonee?
  3. Well I am kind of partial. I have the reversible signature stripe tote and I love love love it!
  4. You live in NoVa LIKE ME!
    hard to find? not at all, and that signature stripe tote is on my list!
    I have a swing pack, but i really don't use it much seeing as how i'm sort of a throw everything in there kind of girl, so totes and i are very good friends!
    BTW you can get the totes... everywhere! but i've never boughten anything from department stores, i've only gone through coach, but i think like macys and stuff should have them.. if not go to coach!
  5. now i really want the tote :] grrr
  6. awwie :[ no one else?
  7. I used my coupon and got the sig. stripe tote (not the reversible one) in the black/gunmetal combination. My parents picked it up today--I CANNOT WAIT until Wednesday night when I see them! LOL. So what did you decide?