Whaaat? comfy, on trend heels for <$200??

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  1. I feel compelled to share this, since whenever I find a pair of good heels that are comfortable BUT stylish, and < $200 I always think it's a minor miracle.

    But this Banana Republic Dakota Lace Up Pump... bought it this wkn and IT IS ALL THAT!
    I know! you think, really? Banana Republic? I know. But no joke. Run and get these. Get the nude color. They have just the right arch support, cushion, and the lace up allow you to adjust the width a little bit. IMO they run 0.5 size large.

    you will thank me!

  2. I love the style of these. Do the leather laces hold? I love the look of laces but not so much when they undo seventeen times a day. Glad you are loving your shoes!!
  3. That's great to know! Thanks!
  4. I've always found BR pumps to be quite comfortable. I've had a couple pairs that I've had since 2006-ish if not before that I still love. They still look great after regular use, too.
  5. Also, zara has similar style in bright & jewel colors for < 100!

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  6. yes these laces are not stretchy and they do hold
  7. Because of this post.... I went out and bought these today! But in the Merlot color. I am testing them out to see what I think! And bonus they were 50% off in the store!