WHAA! So Nice!!!

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  1. Gosh I found this bag on the net. It's sooo nice!! I love it. I think it's one of the fall/winter handbag collection coz of the little ribbon but i'm not really sure... but it's oh soooo nice!!:heart:

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  2. ^Never seen that style before
  3. Yeah me too.. i couldn't find it anywhere or even in the new collection...
    It looks fake but I'm not sure it's an existing style...
  4. Looks fake coz the lines don't align.
  5. and it has a black tag that comes on RTW...

  6. :yes: , looks fishy
  7. I agree...the tag's not right...
  8. that's fake IMO... I don't know if Gucci actually makes this style, never seen it before.
  9. im sorrry but it looks fake
  10. LOOKS fake? is 100% fake gucci neverr would put a tag like that on their bags
  11. Its Glaringly FAKE
  12. You mean real gucci never puts tags on their bags, only the fakes have the tags attached.
  13. yeah it's most def. Fake! thanks you guys! what wuld i do with out you hehe...
  14. fake and not so nice... too much going on.. :sad: