wha tha?! I'm addicted already?

  1. So, most know I just ordered my first LV (mono speedy) and already:supacool: , I think I need to get a wallet. Wha tha?! Addicted already? It's been not even 24 hours!:devil:
    I am such a neophyte at all the LV items, that I need help knowing what to look for. (All the names still confuse me.) I noticed on Traci's thread, she had a picture of the new one she got (red, porte somthing :confused1: ) and I like all that offers. BUT, I'll have to buy used, as I just bought that bag, but that's ok. So...help me, purty pleeez.:kiss:
    1. what are the names of the wallets I should search for (seem to be so many)
    2. Should I stick w/mono or does it matter? (doesn't matter to me)
    3. Has anyone seen any on eBay that look legit
    4. And...(maybe I should have stated this first) can I get a decent one for around 100 to 130 buckeroos?
    (For a newbie here, I'm certainly giving you all a work out. :biguns: THanks for your patience and allllll your awesome help)
  2. Welcome, neophyte, to the dark side...
  3. 1. porte monnaie nm?
    2. for a while... stick with mono...maybe just for the wallet...but you dont have to. too much mono is gross.
    3. im not sure... but post any ones you may like in the authenticity thread.
    4. not decent. i think you may have to save up.
  4. Ok...so if I go to eLux or LV site, do I type in what you wrote above 'porte monnaie nm' (yeah...It's that bad...you can make fun...I'm tough. :smile: :heart: ) And, I can save more if I have to, thanks as that's good to know. I've not even started searching eBay yet.
  5. HA!!:wtf: :nuts: :confused1:
  6. Lol, it certainly doesn't much. Welcome to the club!
  7. omg give it a few weeks, this wallet will look like nothing. before i joined i had 2 bags and a wallet. then from this board and the eBay shoes board i now have 15 pieces. that's 12 since OCTOBER. omg. i need to SLOW DOWN.

    it really depends on what you like in a wallet. i love big wallets. like to have my cc and my checkbook at all times. so i have a zippy groom organizer and an epi pochette wallet is on it's way to me.

    mono with mono is fine but you might want to mix it up a little

    for the price youre looking at you prob won't get one in great condition and it might only be a mono or maybe an epi...
  8. I can't find the thread, but her name was traci (t444...can't remember) and she had her hubby pick up a different red wallet. She was very funny...'big red zippy wallet'...that is the 'kind' of wallet I'll have to have...credit cards, cash, change... But, I don't know what the correct names are to even do my search, and looking at eLux, didn't simplify it for me. Am I LV-impaired?:noggin:
  9. i believe she got the zippy wallet and replaced it with the porte tresor international (usually referred to on here as a pti)
  10. :lol:
  11. I'm a newbie too. I just received my first handbag for Christmas and then I picked up the Sophie. I'm hoping for a wallet for valentine's day..... I don't have any advice because I am still learning too.

    This is a fun place to educate ourselves!!
  12. Here is my wallet recommendation (for what it is worth)...

    You have to decide if you are going to add additional bags and if so, if you want your bags to "pop" or your wallets. (Both is really tricky!) For me, I am all about the bag so the only LV wallet that I have is the mono french purse. I love the epi as well -- and the both will match with so much. The canvas in the mono wears really, really well. Mine still looks almost brand new.

    Good luck!
  13. Welcome to the dark side of LV where you will be so obsessed that you are even planning your future LV purchases and making a never-ending list of "needs" and "must-haves" ---:graucho:

    As for wallets, try looking at the zippy organizer if you would like to carry your checkbook in it --- it fits lots of things. The zippy wallet also has lots of compartments but is smaller. Pochette wallet is also a nice alternative as is the PTI (porte tresor international). Lots of PFers love the koala wallet with the golden "S" lock, some like the smaller ludlow. Soooo many to choose!!!

    Watch out, though, as some of these wallets cost more than the speedy handbags.

    Good luck with your decision!!
  14. I love my pti wallet and bought it in mono because I wanted something very durable. I almost bought one in epi, and I LOVE Traci's new red wallet. The color is soooo drool-worthy!