1. :sick: ugly bag.jpg What were they trying to copy?:sick:
  2. Q/ Where did it come from?

    A/ Some hideous parallel dimension of hell.

    Q/ How was it made?

    A/ The same way they made monster in The Fly, throw in a white MC, a black MC and a bag of doggy doodoo, et voila.

    Q/ What were they trying to copy?

    A/ Something they saw on a bad trip experienced while in an LV store. The one situated in hell.

    Q/ What is it?

    A/ FUGLY!!! :lol:

    I hope I have resolved this to your satisfaction! :biggrin:

  3. yeah-- I thought I would provide a laugh for the end of the day-- courtesy of ebay!;)
  4. ...What an LV would look like while you are seriously .......HALLUCINATING!!!!!
  5. acid trip LV
  6. Yes ! I was just thinking that ! :lol:
  7. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: ROFL!!!
  8. LOL I think that descriptions right on.
  9. Oh mommy...


    (This is what happens when one trips, and falls smack dab onto the marble LV floors and comes up seeing apparently visions of a Koala, Neo Speedy and a White/Black Multicolore Mix)

    Yee gads. Someone hold my hair back whilst I wretch. :sick:
  10. OMG! that is nasty but a great laugh :smile:
  11. woah. barf! That is nas-tay!
  12. LOL I bet the monogram flakes off...gross!
  13. How psychedelic!
  14. Oh my, what has the world come to?