WG trinity vs. WG love for everyday-which would you choose?

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  1. No diamonds on either...I love both, just want a casual ring, which is more appealing to you if you care to share? I think there is a 500 dollar difference but not so worried about that, just want to make the choice that I will be happy with. And when I look at one for awhile I love it then look at the other and like it just as much. I have no store near me to try them, so wanted to ask your opinions. TIA!
  2. I have both styles but I find the trinity ring more versatile. That was also the one I had first.
  3. I have the tri-colored Trinity with scattered diamonds. I wear that ring daily as a right hand ring. Because it has a white gold band, I think it goes with any colored metal. It's a classic piece, with or without the diamonds.
  4. I have both....and think if you could only have one the trinity is more interesting...it's fun to roll around!!
  5. I would choose the trinity ring. It's so classic & fun!
  6. This great! Thank you! And so interesting that you all chose trinity over love! I keep going back to it too, staring at it:smile: Thanks again!
  7. definitely trinity!:tup: I am not fan of the love line to be honest :nuts:
  8. Trinity all the way! Not a big fan of the love design either!
  9. I have both and prefer the fit of the LOVE. Have you tried both on?
  10. No, I have to drive for several hours to go to a store, so have no "hands-on" experience...LOL!! I know it always makes a difference once you can try them in person, but will not have the chance for another month or so. If you have both, what is it about Love that you prefer? Does it look bigger on your hand?
  11. Another vote for the LOVE ring:heart:, is thicker, as the trinity IMO looks more like a wedding band. G/L w/your decision.
  12. The Trinity makes my finger look a bit "stumpy"...the Love gives my finger a longer, leaner look as it fits very "smooth"... LOL...don't know if descriptions make sense...