WFH or SAH - do you wear your Cartier?

I work from home the majority of the time and go in to the office here and there. I don't wear any jewelry in the house and never have. Before I leave the house to go anywhere, even grocery shopping, I put in my earrings and wear my rings at the very least. My bracelets are last and sometimes get missed if I'm not going to take my jacket off. It should be spring here but it's snowing right now!
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I work from home every day and in the morning I put on a necklace (usually either my VCA alhambra or Cartier love) and my small juc with diamonds and my trinity ring. I save my watch for when I go out as it gets scratched when I work on my computer. I love looking down during the work day and admiring my jewelry!
I started working from home in 2020 and I have always worn my jewelry at home and at the office! Like someone above I love admiring my pieces when just sitting at my computer. Ain’t gonna lie - I’ve actually changed pieces out even during the day when I wander by my dresser just cuz I feel like it, or the mood hits! 🤣 I wear bracelets (love, JUC plus others), rings (mostly Trinity, but also others), earrings, necklace…the works.

I admit I do miss my bags, but it’s really hard to justify buying another nice bag when I don’t leave the house as much, or just making a grocery run. But jewelry I wear 24/7!
So glad for the WFH/SAH buddies here :smile:
I feel validated lol
When I just bought my J12 2yr ago, I used to wear it daily though I WFH because I dont want to use a winder nor do I want to wind my watch. Ok that was just a phase I outgrown haha
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I'm a hybrid worker. I wear all jewellery for my own pleasure and amusement. I won't buy what I don't feel safe to, and I won't buy anything uncomfortable. So, everything should be good for all day everyday, apart from some antique or unique pieces. I notice I wear less statement fashion 💎 WFH unless on a call.

The only exception is perhaps my Cartier X Sacai which is a double/triple puzzle ring. It's not easy to chop, cook and clean with it on.

The only jewellery I take off are with stones (cooking, washing-dishes, pans or just washing). I used to travel for work almost constantly. When travelling for work, I wear jewellery that never needs to be taken off and can be worn for everything day/night.
I wfh and wear jewelry every day. Sometimes more or less depending on my mood. I’m all about cost per wear :smile: Now handbags have turned out to be a different story…..I definitely don’t rotate those as much as I would if I worked outside the home. Because of that, I’ve really pulled back lately on buying in that area.
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I wear my watch, pavé love bracelet & wedding ring all the time - I take them off when I go to walk the dogs at night but otherwise they're more or less always on. Even if I'm not going out, sometimes I'll pop something else on to enjoy for myself.
I WFH almost exclusively. I only go to the office once every couple of months. My dress watch I only wear when I go to the office. My other watches I wear regularly. Jewelry and purses have definitely been suffering and aren't out as much :frown: I do school pick up and drop off and I just don't want to be THAT mom :lol:
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I don't wear any jewelry when I'm wfh but my DH does regardless if he's going out or not and told me to do the same lol my only issue is I don't like banging my bangles against my keyboard rest 😂
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I wear my three Loves everyday and haven’t taken them off for years….I work as an artist so a bit risky with all the paint flying around, but I love them too much to take them off 🥰