we've talked about mac studio fix, but what about STUDIO TECH?

  1. seems like everyone here has tried and has an opinion about mac studio fix, but what about studio tech? i really like it, it's what i wear if i'm in a hurry and don't have enough time to get my armani liquid makeup just right. it has great coverage, it stays on all day, and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. if you have a heavy hand, it's easy to make yourself look too 'made-up,' but a little moderation goes a long way, as we all know!

    thoughts? experiences? tips?
  2. I love it, quite honestly. As you said, it has great coverage and really goes the distance all day... plus, I can barely feel it when it's on, which is much better than some of the pancake stuff I've been forced to wear (for drama and photos for weddings and the like).
  3. Learned from a MAC artist this trick with Studio Tech:
    Take the MAC Studio concealer that comes in a tube, put a bit on your foundation brush, then dip in the Studio Tech to get a nice smooth coverage over darker/blemished/discolored areas! The mixture is perfect. I am glad I learned that trick.
    Finish your face with your choice of MAC powder, then (here's the *MAGIC* part) finish with a couple of spritzes of MAC FIX +. I am telling you, that stuff makes you go from dull to glam!!!
  4. I will deff have to give this product a try.
  5. So-should I chuck my Studio Fix and buy some of this Studio Tech instead?

    Also-this is the second time I heard about the MAC Fix + spray-gonna have to buy some of that!
  6. if you're not happy with your studio fix, chuck it and try this!
  7. I apply the studio tech with a stubby foundation brush. I get better coverage this way.
  8. Studio Tech? Does this come in a compact like the Studio Fix? Do you use the same "color" as the studio fix or are they different? Never saw this before but sounds like its used the same way, just not as heavy? Any other info?
  9. studio tech comes in a compact too. The shades are also the same. it's not heavy at all.
  10. from what i read, studio fix sounds like a powder. studio tech is a creme foundation in a compact - my favorite texture of foundation! the coverage is great without feeling like a mask. like i said before, i highly recommend!
  11. Yep, the Studiofix is definitely a powder. Just curious: Do you apply the Studio Tech with a brush or sponge?
  12. i use the sponge that comes with it, but i'd like to try a brush. brushes just seem so EXPENSIVE to me.
  13. I use a brush, but rather than shell out for department store prices, I get mine from a make-up artist/stage shop. Same quality but better prices.

  14. The Tech shades are actually a lot darker than the fix shades.
    1-3 shades.
    You need to go in and ask to be swatched.

    Use a brush!!!!
    Sponges are for REMOVING access makeup and water...etc... it may seem expensive, but you go through your product WAY slower, it blends onto your face evenly AND there is bacteria in sponges!!!

    The MAC brushes are all handmade from mostly goat hair (they trim them!!) and made from wood and nickel. They last forever and really improve the overall look of your makeup application. My makeup would look horrible on without them. I really don't think people should shell out good $$$ for expensive makeup if they are using sponges to apply, you know??

    Just ask a sales person if you can the foundation brush to apply the tech yourself.

    Oh, actually, usually around NOvember there are Chirstmas sets of 5 brushes (smaller size) that come out, and they were around $50 the last time... I think. Find out when those come out and save a ton of money.
  15. I use Studio Tech daily. Topped with MAC's Blot Powder, you can count on an all-day flawless finish. I made the switch from Studio Fix to Studio Tech as I was looking for a better finish for my wedding day. Studio Tech photographs well, you will not see the "shine" from flash photography that you will with other foundations.

    Brush application is a must. In addition to providing better coverage, using a brush will make your Studio Tech last longer. When you use the enclosed sponge, not only does it pick up more product than you need - the sponge itself also absorbs the foundation into it. So essentially you are wasting more product. At $28 a compact, conservation is important to me. :smile:

    MAC brushes are expensive, but will last forever and are worth every penny!