We've picked out baby names: What do you think?

  1. Hey everybody :smile: I have posted this on my personal journal (on Livejournal) but I'd also like to get some of your opinions on some of the names that we have picked out. We only flipped through the book and picked out some, so the list isn't that long - but we are open to suggestions and opinions!

    I'm only at 19 weeks, but I'd like to get a name picked out ASAP so I can start calling her by a name :smile:

    Here's the list we have...Feel free to be honest about names that you like or hate. If you've got any suggestions, please give them!

    Please remember, we live in Germany so some names are pronounced differently here (I've posted the pronunciation next to most) :smile:

    Laura (pronounced in German - L-OW-Ra)
    Christine (pronounced in German - Chris - TEEN-EH)
    Charlotte (pronounced in German - Char-l-oh-tte)
    Leni (yes, like Heidi's daughter, lol)
    Sophie / Sophia
    Johanna (pronounced German - Yo-Hah-na)
    Julie / Juli (pronounced - Yoo-LEE)...Juli is the German month July :smile:
    Isabelle / Isabella
    Staci / Stacy / Stacie
    Samantha (after the American Girl books...I always loved Samantha)
    Mandy (not Amanda!)
    Natalie / Nathalie
    Lilly (I love the flower!)
    Katja (K ahhh t ya)
    Luisa (like the little girl from Sound of Music!)
    Caroline (Karoleeeeeen)
    Genevieve (I've always loved this name, pronounced in French of course!)
    Anne (Ahnneh)



    Thank you diamond_lover for the suggestion!!
  2. Here's my vote (and also my future daughter's name):

    Charlotte Sophia
  3. What about Natalia?! i :heart: that name! i also love genevieve and charlotte!
  4. How exciting for you!
    I LOVE Geneviève!! It's one of my favorite French names, aside from Gisèle.
    I also like Leni, Juli, and Katja.
  5. Oohh, I love Natalia!!!

    I just checked in our book to see how in the world I could have missed it, and it's not even in there! :push:
  6. Wow, that's quite a list:p Some really great names there. I personally love the name Lilly!
  7. I am partial to Lauren (my little ones name) and Georgia (teen).

    I also love Ella, Charlotte and Tallulah
  8. I love Charlotte, Hannah, Abigail and Isabelle (that's my middle name, only spelled Isabel) ;)

    All the name choices are beautiful! I hope you decide on one soon :nuts:
  9. I Love Charlotte and Lilly :yes: . They're such girly, elegant names. Perhaps I'm partial to Charlotte cause I loved Kristin Davis' character on Sex & the City! :shame:
  10. How about Seven? haha kidding! I like the name Kalyanne (pronounced cal-e-anne). ummm I can't think of any others at the moment.
  11. Emily...I like that name
  12. I gotta say Emily...but I love the name Samantha, as well.
  13. There are so many pretty names on the list but Isabella made me go awww.
  14. Isabella or Lilly.
    Though with Isabella I think it super cute when she can just be called Bella or Belle. So pretty! You must be so excited!
  15. I like
    Genevieve (On my girls list) I myself probably wont use it because I picture a long blond waivy haired girl & we make brunettes.
    Natalie spelled this way otherwise your daughter will be correcting it all the time.