Wet & Wild Riki!!!

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  1. Look what I just got! My first Riki and it's the wet look in black! I resisted getting this style for a long time, but you all kept flashing yours (your Riki's and Ramonas I mean) and I saw this one on e-bay and CLICK, buy it now! I love it and the size is perfect! :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:
    riki 005.jpg riki 003.jpg riki 007.jpg
  2. WAY to GO:yahoo: JMCADON

    The bag is Awesome and as you know, I :heart::heart: patent Jimmy :choochoo: bags:woohoo:

    You both look Fantastic:nuts:
  3. :drool:Congrats Girls!! Shes beautiful:yahoo::tup:

    How much of a bargain did you get???
  4. This bag rocks! Choo knows how to do patent right!!

  5. It was not a really great deal, but I wanted it and I knew it was authentic and it was brand new. I paid $925. The tag said $1425. I think.
  6. Thanks Robynbenz, it was your wet look Riki that did me in!:choochoo:
  7. I agree, Robyn & Samantha make their bags look so good that we have no other option but to buy them!!!

    I think it was a pretty good deal still!! saved about 500
  8. i think it was an awesome deal!! :tup: and it's such a great looking bag! ...must resist temptation! :sweatdrop: i've been wanting the riki too...and yeah, all the beautiful rikis and ramonas out there...just so hard to wait for that perfect one. but you got a fantastic one! feel great about your deal and wear your riki and look FABULOUS! :drool:
  9. Congratulations jmcadon!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous bag:woohoo:It looks beautiful on you. Great deal too. BTW, to get any deal on this bag is a great deal. We need a family picture of all your beautiful Choos now. Maybe you should wait to take that picture until you get back from Las Vegas though:graucho:
  10. Beautiful -- amazing bag!!!
  11. That is gorgy! Congrats!
  12. I only have the Riki and the Ramona, but the Riki is definitely my favorite for the same reason you stated....it's the perfect size bag for everyday (well, and I do :heart: the burgundy color!)! I too lust after Robyn's blue wet Riki....I LOVE the color of that bag as well! :heart: I think I could have a closet full of little Rikis! :wlae:

    Your new wet Riki is gorgeous and looks fantastic on you....enjoy!! :woohoo::choochoo:
  13. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag.
  14. Thanks Choo girls!
    Samantha: I'm not going to have any money to spend in Vegas! Don't you just love credit cards? Luckily I have a couple in my name so DH has no idea !(he doesn't really care as long as I pay the bill)

    And you guys are right about getting a deal on this bag. It was the first wet look Riki I have seen in a long time on e-bay.
  15. It looks great. Enjoy Riki.