Wet weather shopping?? HELP?

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  1. It looks like Div and I are going to Chi town this weekend; so I check the weather and naturally it's going to be stinky, cold and rainy!!

    What to do purse wise?? Smooshy leather is OUT, hummmm patent could be good, right? The only problem is my patent chain handled Betty is the least user friendly of all my bags. Arrrrgh.....Think winter type atmosphere since the lows will be around 33 and the highs on the downside of 40 and yes we will be walking the miracle mile, allot!

    I have my Epice Bay? It has a shiny finish like the Prune Heli? That should be good, right? Arrrrgh again...Chicago ladies thoughts? Advice?
  2. Tough decision--I would be the most concerned about the rain, but also a comfortable, user friendly bag is a must for shopping and toting around all day. Sorry, I'm not much help, I'm a FL gal-----but, from your choices above, I think I would go with the Bay. It is user friendly with pockets, fits over the shoulder--not sure about the weather.
    Love Chicago - have lots of fun, hey, maybe to solve the dilemna you can buy a new bag on the Miracle Mile.....:yes:

  3. Hummm perhaps a good excuse to purchase a Vinyl CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  4. I have one or two Chloe bags that were purchases in such a used state you would think they had been run over by a truck. In weather such as yours owning this kind of bag would be useful - you really don't have to worry about ruining it any further!

    Do you not own a huge umbrella? I also have a Dior Gaucho bag that really doesn't get affected by rain at all...

    Here in Sydney, we get sort of tropicalish weather. Days can morph from being beautiful to - downpour - and it always seems to rain right on 3pm - when I have to picking up my son from school and walking in it!

    Chloe needs to make a stylish, weather resistant bag !!!
  5. Use the patent! Or actually, I saw this amazing thread in the Mulberry forum where a tPFer applied this leather care stuff to her bag and then PLUNGED THE BAG UNDER RUNNING WATER. Oh my god, my heart stopped! She has photos of it and everything - it's amazing, the bag is absolutely fine and brand new! I'll see if I can find the link and the product...
  6. :wtf:

    I could never imagine doing that to any of my leather bags!!! Please do post the link if you find it - I want some of the product she used!!! :smile:
  7. Its called collonill Mulberry recommend it for some of their leather bags especially the Darwin leather
  8. Please do post the link!!! Thanks for the product tip as well! Then again I can special order that Buxton Organizer for CHICAGO!!!!
  9. Ahhhh, that's the ticket, the organizer!!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
  12. ^ I agree with the PPs. Get the Buxton, have the order fedexed, and then use it as a clutch. Clutches are hot.

  13. Except it would be a N/S clutch:yucky:. Do you think my local Walgreen's has it? After all they carry all the infomercial items you know!!:P
  14. HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!