Wet/Dry straighteners...do we love em or hate em?

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  1. My little sister got a Remington Wet2Dry Straightener for Christmas and I decided to try it out since I had to wash my hair today and was in a bit of a hurry to get ready before company came over. Got out of the shower, got dressed and my hair was still pretty wet after. Even though it was still semi-dripping, that flat iron got my hair so dry and straight, added lift to my roots...it was the best hair day I've had in a long time. I was shocked. I have a CHI that was super expensive and it never made my hair look that good. In fact, I often can't wear my hair down after I use my CHI, as the hair is poofy and the roots are flat. And we all know how terrible that looks. I just couldn't believe that a 30.00 flat iron worked better than my 125.00 one.

    My question though...are these irons damaging? Yes, they steam like crazy, but the steam is coming out of the little holes after removing the moisture from the hair...it's not coming from direct contact with the wet hair as a regular straightener would, which would mean you were frying your hair if it was still a tad bit wet. When I would run the iron down my hair and then touch the section I just went over with my fingers, it wasn't hot at all. If I were to do that with my CHI, it wouldn't be pretty...I can never touch my hair after doing that, it's way too hot.

    Makes me wonder if I'm really doing that much damage if the hair itself is not even that hot while I'm flat ironing it.

    On the upside, this is one good buy so if you have to do your hair in a hurry (even just a few times a month), i would invest in one. It could save you a lot of time and headache. Take this from a girl with thick, coarse, wavy hair! It gets the job done!
  2. IMO.. they are damaging. Obviously all hot tools are damaging, but one that straightens wet hair is 10x more damaging.
    Plus, the CHI can seriously dry your hair out. I have a CHI and a ghd, and after straightening half my hair w/ the CHI and the other half w/ the ghd you can obviously see the difference. The CHI left my ends ridiculously dried and fried looking while the ghd just left it straight and healthy looking.
  3. Until I got mine awhile back (just a cheapie one too), I had to straighten about 3 times before I got rid of the curly waves. I only need to do it once then just touch up the front a little every so often. I have the type of hair where I absolutely cannot wash it every day otherwise it'll be way too dry and puffy so I do it about once a week.
  4. I wanted that iron so bad because I hate using blow dryers. I just wait and let it air dry :/ My mom wouldn't let me get the wet/dry straightener because she claimed it being too damaging. I now use a ghd iron. good iron but still doesn't fix my dilemma with wet hair taking forever to dry.
  5. I usually wash mine every other day but I think I'm going to invest in some dry shampoo to see if that can extend me a couple days. I have terrible eczema so I always have dandruff and such. Washing with anything other than head and shoulders more than once a week makes my hair so itchy and nasty..which sucks because I color my hair red and need to use some sort of color extender shampoo if I want to keep my color looking fresh!
  6. That was my whole problem. I was blow drying my hair (which would take a good hour), and then flat iron it after. I would have to get up at 5 in the morning to be able to make it to work by 9. It was ridiculous. So I gave the iron a whirl and it was great. They say "less damage than regular flat irons, guaranteed". Although you can't always trust advertising...
  7. Oh wow that would be bad! I hope you can find something that works for you!
    My favorite shampoos and conditioners are by Finesse and Ojon; they leave my hair super soft even after I straighten. :tup:
  8. Have you tried washing your hair at night and letting it dry naturally? Blow drying & then flat ironing is a lot of heat for your hair to take.. especially if your hair is colored. Are you using a good heat protector?
  9. I have really puffy, coarse and thick hair so I could never just let it dry naturally and go. I do wash it at night and sleep on it, then flat iron in the morning but the hair has no body and my roots are flat. Root lifter never seems to help.

    I'm using CHI heat protectant and a CHI infrared serum for styling. Can you suggest anything better? I'm up for trying anything.
  10. I have this exact same straightener and had it for a few years now. I don't use it all that often though because my hair is already straight. I only use it maybe 4-6 times a year for special occasions for that ultra super straight sleek look. I wouldn't use it straight from the shower. Either let your hair dry naturally for a while, or use a blowdryer first. But I haven't had any problems with it damaging my hair, but that's probably also because I don't use it that often and don't color, perm, or blowdry my hair often.
  11. For giving your hair a bit of body, I like the redken spray starch, or rusk thermal flat iron spray. The rusk spray is aerosol, and it has more hold like a hair spray. I just bought it 2 days ago, and so far I like it. When your using the flat iron at your roots and crown, are you turning it slightly, so you get a bit of a "bump"? If you slightly flick or turn your wrists, as you run your flat iron at your roots, getting a kind of C shape, it'll help "fluff" your roots. I hope I'm explaining that right, it's easier to show than tell. LOL I use a GHD iron, and love it. I used to have a chi, which did a decent job straightening, but fried the ends terribly.
  12. ^ Oh yes! I forgot all about that trick! I think there was a tutorial of it on youtube...
  13. Found it!


    This will only work with the 1" flat irons.. I'm not sure how well it'll do w/ the bigger ones. In the tutorial, the girl kept turning the iron as she got to the ends.. but if you want a straight look, just don't keep turning the iron when you get to the ends.
  14. Thanks for that video. I'm going to try that next time I wash my hair!
  15. I bought my daughter (11 y/o) one @ BBB a few months back. I think it was Conair or Revlon? Let me say, I'm impressed!!!

    She really does not like drying her hair after she washes it. Her hair is shoulder length, naturally straight but with slight waves at the base of her head. Letting it naturally dry makes the waves worse.

    I was trying to find something that would dry & straighten at the same time. So, using my 20% off coupon, I paid around $30 for the iron. She used it that night & I was so impressed. Her hair was dry, straight, and had the prettiest shine to it!

    Does it damage your hair? The way I see it, it can't do any worse than using a dryer & a straightener separately.