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  1. Did anyone else watch the premiere tonight?


    I was a little confused but thought it was interesting. I can't figure out how the virtual world is entered.
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  2. I loved it!
    I was browsing through my ipad and remembered this was coming to HBO and thought I would give it a try. I'm putting it on my DVR schedule now.
  3. All be will revealed eventually (I imagine). The scenery was beautiful, real or not, made me want to go on one of those wagon train vacations to experience a little bit of the wild west (just a little bit!).
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  4. It was good. I love Evan Rachel Wood.
  5. Yup watched it! So does anyone think that Dolores already knows but she is just playing along with it. She smacked a fly. Meaning she can hurt a living thing.
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  7. Yes. The way they kept focusing on her, I think she's not like the other hosts. I think she's evolved to know what is real and what is not.
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  8. I am loving the show so far! It's been a while since there has been a good show since GOT
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  9. On another note, the set reminds me of dr Quinn medicine woman lol
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  10. I don't think any of them "know" yet. It seems like they're having flashbacks to previous memories that were supposed to be erased. I'm thinking the black dude is gonna figure it out and want to stop the whole thing...let them try to be "human" while the head woman, and possibly Hopkins will want to treat them like hosts, wipe them, and start over.
    Ed Harris...he's human who's trying to get...where? He said he's been there for 30 years and isn't leaving, so maybe there's something hidden aside from the main headquarters where the humans enter the world? Some sort of human/host colony?
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  11. The Ed Harris dude has been coming to WW for 30 years--seriously, the "thrill" of killing, especially knowing they are planned narratives and only hosts can "die", and then they get patched up and come back over and over--this hasn't gotten old for him? I realize that he is wacko but 30 years? I guess that is just part of the program and I'm putting too much thought into it.
  12. I think it's just a deeper level of the game. Maybe darker more disturbing narratives.
  13. I don't see how it can be a virtual world simply because the damaged body of a host is brought in for repair. Why would they have to do that if it was all virtual reality?
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  14. I mistyped. I meant I wasn't sure how they stepped into Westworld, which was answered in the last episode. The scale model confused me since people seem to be standing around watching it.

    Either way, the second ep bored me. I thought the pilot was interesting but I don't think I can get over how much I generally loathe anything Western related.
  15. I'm loving this.