westminster or luminuse pm? which would suite my functions better?


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Aug 13, 2011
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hey all... I'm debating if I should get one last bag before the price increase EEK! Once my SA said he would include a VIP gift if I bought something next week I was hooked... He showed me a multitude of bags... The Pomme in the Alma MM (looked too big on me but so sexy) he showed me the emperiente artsy's in infini and aube, He also showed me the luminuse pm.... in aube... it looked delicious.

He showed me all of these because the original bag I wanted to see was not in stock at the store, the westminster...

I was originally looking for a bag that I can use in grad school... I have two non LV totes, a coach red patent poppy tote and just came in today- Tory burch black patent safferino tote. As for hand held bags I have a speedy damier 30 and now an alma bleu infini... I have other bags but I have decided to sell them in order to fund for a new bag that I would use regularly.

The SA was saying go for the luminuse because it would add variety to my collection, but is it built for a heavy load? Any guidance is appreciated because this will be the last bag purchase for a long time. Thank you all!! And happy early new year!! Heres to a new year of fun and new bags!!!!


Aug 2, 2010
The lumi will give your more room than the Westminster. Better for grad school IMO. Plus the leather is so yummy!


Sep 20, 2011
Ooh I just had to chime in. I got the Westminster PM for Xmas and my next LV purchase is going to be the Lumineuse in Infini. Both bags are beautiful. In your case though, as a grad student I think you'd get more functionality from the Lumi.


Oct 24, 2011
I just got the Lumi in infini yesterday. If you see my previous post, I was in the store debating for an hour. After asking every SA and customer in the store (haha), I decided on the Lumi. So many functions, lots of room (can fit my iPad or some folders if I wanted). Good luck. The colors are all awesome, can not go wrong...happy new year!!