Westminster/Jumbo XL and rain? Yay or nay?

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  1. I have a book release party to go to at Lincoln Center tomorrow night and we are expecting rain in NYC. I am probably going to wear one of my Chanel's but it might get a little wet. I will have an umbrella. Do you think a few rain drops will spell disaster on the leather? I would greatly appreciate any advice and suggestions! Thanks ladies!

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  2. I have had my bags get a few rain drops without issue, I would hesitate to get in a position where the bag would be saturated. I would bring a plastic bag with me and should rain be an issue my bag would be in the plastic bag. Crazy, maybe...but i would rather take the precaution and keep my bag perfect.
  3. Hello, first of all :heart: on the Westminster

    I personally have not carried non-caviar Chanel bags in the rain on purpose. light drizzle where I can cover by jacket, yes and seems to be no problem, but not during real consistent light rain/possible downpour.

    I am afraid of too much water soaking the leather and lead to loss of puffiness/wrinkles?

    On a separate note, I usually prefer smaller Chanel bags during rainy days because if it surprise me by coming down hard, I can wrap it under my light sweater/shirt/jacket along with umbrella easily.

    but if you're not planning to walk around a lot and mostly by car (less public transport/walking) then pedestrian crowd and the water dripping from their umbrella overlapping yours pouring onto your bag would be less of a problem...:thinking:
  4. Thank you everyone! It looks like I may get lucky and it will just be cloudy tonight but I tucked a plastic bag inside my Westminster just in case of a downpour!
  5. I would bring an umbrella with you. A couple of rain drops will be fine, but I wouldn't want the outside to get totally soaked incase you get caught in a sudden downpour.