Westin Resort Aruba in Palm Beach

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  1. I am leaving for Aruba next Thursday and am staying at Westin. Any remarks on hotel...any tips? I heard a few people post somewhere else it was awful..but this was after I booked...
  2. u will be fine.Ive stayed at MANY Aruba hotels .The Westin was my LEAST favorite but it was ok...Sorry if i scared u!
    The people that work there were very unhelpful and it wasnt the best service wise.If u can change..Id go to the RADISSON..thats quite possibly my ALL TIME FAVE hotel ever
    They r BOTH on Palm beach and walking distance to EVERYTHING so no worries if u have to stay there in the end.Its not REALLY AWFUL...I just prefer many others over it and was surprised it had a WESTIN name..it didnt live up to it
    ALso..Go to Madame Jeannettes restaurant while there....Its awesome!and u can rent inner tubes to be pulled around on a speedboat at the WESTIN.we did it like EVERYDAY..it was a blast and the boat operators took amazing pics for us too
  3. Thanks! I will check out the restuarant and the Radisson.
  4. I have one more question...SHOPPING! What designer shops are there? And are prices cheaper and or tax free? I love Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, CL!
  5. ALL the good designer shops are in the REnaissance mall in the Renaissance MArina hotel in the main part of the city(take a taxi..its not walkable).They have Gucci and LV there.Gucci was like 30% LESS there 2 years ago but SADLY,NOW its only 10% under what the US retail is.
    same with David Yurman too,(all tax free but MAKE sure u declare everything,even if u owe money to customs,they RARELY try to collect it!)
    LV is about the same price but no tax.There r even a few things MORE expensive at LV than in USA..so b careful u check prices
    Dont know if u like Benetton clothing..but across the street from the Renaissance Mall is one and i truly found the GREATEST clothes there...LOL....nothing like what i see in the USA....fantastic collections
    Diamond jewelry is way cheaper there....I got a 2000 dollar diamond necklace there for like 750!its great quality(Got it thru the jeweler in Renaissance mall too)
  6. Thanks for your help!
  7. You r welcome!
    another great source to check is TRIPADVISOR,I LOVE that site.