Western Union?

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  1. Has anybody had any experience using it? Postives/negatives? Use/not to use?

  2. I've sent money using their online service, the fees kind of suck but it was relatively easy. I guess it all depends on what your using it for
  3. if it's for an auction, i wouldn't send it through western union. if you send the payment, and the person never sends you your product, there is no way to get your $$ back. this happened to me before...i was stupid and really excited about what i was buying...and i lost a lot of money from it.
  4. I just used it yesterday to receive payment for a bag I sold on the marketplace. I actually prefer using Western Union because you receive cash on the spot. I've had no problems with using it.

    You should trust the person you're doing business with because they can always take the money and never send you the product. Lucky for us, we're both forum members.
  5. Just remember if you're sending it to someone you don't know...it's the same as sending cash. No getting it back. That's the big negative I see.
  6. Excellent point Leah !!
  7. I've sent and received money internationaly through Western Union, the service is fast and safe, if the high errand doesn't bother you. Always a good experience, but I 've never use it for ebay transaction
  8. I wouldnt use it to send money to someone I didnt know. Better off using paypal for that. But if youre sending money to friends/family (which is what I did) then its ok.
  9. DON'T USE IT TO PAY SOMEONE, ever!!! You'll definitely lose your money if they only want WU or bank wire, and nothing with buyer protection like Paypal.
  10. Agreed!
  11. i must say i have to agree - i'm gonna stick with paypal (i think) but i would got through Western Union (maybe) if i knew the person esp. if they were from this forum... but i guess we'd have to see
  12. I've just used it to pay someone today (!) from the PF, but I would be really hesitant if it was to anyone else. Pretty fast, it says the funds are available to be picked-up already and I just sent it an hour or so ago.
  13. The fees are outrageous! To send $300 to my sister (who was having a money crunch problem, so she needed it ASAP) the fees were $31!!!

    I agree, would never use it in an auction.
  14. I only use paypal. Even if it's to send money to a friend. WU fees are ridiculous.