Western Union... Wire Transfer etc...

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  1. hey everyone :biggrin:

    i'm just quite curious on how you feel about paying via Western Union etc...

    just let me know if you've felt safe using other methods of payment besides paypal......

    thanks for your help!

    Helen :amuse:
  2. I would rather not go through W.U.. I only go through Paypal because I know that if i get the wrong item, it's damaged, or they don't send it I'm covered. It also has to do with the amount and the item.
  3. no way, any crook can run off with your money and you'll be screwed forever. If its $20 I wouldn't sweat it, but I'd never buy anything remotely expensive and pay through Western Union.
  4. I go through my bank. Western Union charges $$$ when I tried to wire to my parents. It's a scale too so more $$$, higher fees. My bank charges one flat fee.
  5. I feel unsafe doing both.
  6. Escrow.
  7. I noticed a lot of counterfeit sellers on Ebay only take WU. Seems like that would be the best choice of a crook, because Paypal offers buyer protection. I personally will ONLY use paypal. Escrow, like keepall boy said, is another choice. I heard they are good for expensive purchases. Haven't used them though.
  8. I prefer paypal but would consider bank wire transfer to a person I trusted. But as a rule, I never bid on ebay auctions if paypal is not accepted. Have never tried Western union.
  9. hmmm, ok.... what happens if the person is a powerseller and they only take western union, wire transfer etc...??? does this change your decision?? or would you stick with PayPal???
  10. I would stick to Paypal. I mean, I figure another similiar item will up come in another auction that allows Paypal, so I can wait.
  11. The problem with those of us non-US residents is that many eBay sellers, including the "trusted" ones such as most MPRS', personal shoppers, etc. only take Paypal from a confirmed address. I think apart from US and maybe Canada or some UK??, the rest of the world don't have confirmed addresses and can't get confirmed status. I'm in Australia and this has frustrated me no end coz I ring Paypal, email them from time to time (we even have our own PP - PP Australia) and they keep saying they can't confirm our addresses due to privacy laws here in Aus and around the world which are different to those in the US.

    So, if we wanna buy something from one of these sellers, we have no choice but to pay via wire-transfers.
  12. I just purchased a bag from Germany and had to go through Money Wire. It costed me A LOT just to get the money sent. If possible, I will not be doing that again.