Western Union paymt for ebay auction

  1. How does this work? I have a buyer that wants to send me a significant amount of money thru Western Union. Here's how she said it works - I have no clue, checked Western Union and can't seem to find the answers. Can someone please confirm this sounds right?

    "According to westernunion.com after i send the money they give me a confirmation # and when it's done, you can check online (it usually takes 30mins-1hour, depends) On the website you can fine the branch which is nearest to you and just go and pick up the money :smile: I think I will just need your phone # as I already have your full name and address.. You will just need to give the person my name *** and it's from ** and the amount is $** :smile:"

    Is this a safe way for me to send payment or should I just have her do a wire? Western Union seems much quicker though...

    Thanks for any thoughts!

  2. i personally don' t think it is too safe to send a person western union. I think they just call you and you wil have to go to a western union to go pick it up.
  3. She is sending me the funds for the auction - I am the seller...is there any liability on my end?
  4. ebay doesnt cover or assist with any fraud issues if someone pays via Western Union anymore. Why cant they pay via PayPal? I wouldnt accept any Western Union payments ever...
  5. she's international and I don't want any chargeback issues w/paypal so I am only accepting wire transfer...how would there be an issue with Western Union as it's basically cash to me? No funds could be withheld on my end if she claimed fraud as it's coming thru as cash? Thanks!

    PLUS, you get your money in 15 minutes

    She might have to pay a sh*tload in fees, but that's on the buyer, not YOU.

    go for it!

    Paypal doesn't cover sellers internationally.. that's why western union is better.
  7. Hey Twink! I dont see any problems with it at all. Congrats on you sale...... so what did you sell???
  8. I have used WU on loads of auctions....if the buyer is happy to use it then its fine by me!
  9. Western union is simple. Did it before and worked. Just give the address of yours and name and details the buyer asked. And the money would be wired to you to collect.
  10. there is no liability for you if you accept it. However, you musn't offer it as a payment option on your auctions. if a buyer suggests is, that's just fine and dandy! :graucho:
  11. WU payments favor the sellers, they get the cash in an instant. you just have the required details w/c the buyer will provide you. danger goes to the buyer, no protection. but heck, that's the risk we have to take....us who don't have paypal in our country :P
  12. im the buyer, and just wanted to say that everything went fine, the seller got her money yesterday :smile: i suggested western union instead of wire transfer as it's faster, meaning i can get the bag faster as well :smile: i ended up paying $80 in fees though lol (my first time doing western union so i didn't know) but the bag is actually for a friend so she paid that :smile:
  13. Oh hehe.. small world, small, small bag loving world ! :graucho:
  14. Yay!!!! :yahoo: It was so easy, thank you! Feely badly about the fees, I didn't know they were that high :crybaby:

  15. It's no problem, my friend doesn't mind, hey atleast this way, the transaction worked out faster for both :biggrin: glad to see you on the forum, small world indeed ;)