western union? money orders? wire transfers? I HATE THEM ALL!!!! i'm in a nasty jam..

  1. first i'm going to rant... them i'm hoping someone can maybe give me some advice and opinions! :p:sos:

    i'm in canada, i bought a bag from a wonderful tPFer (in the US) for $800, she doesn't do paypal, so we came up with western union... so i went to moneymart, and basically, they told me i can't choose to change the currency myself, which means the currency conversion fee is $25, plus the western union fee is $45 :cursing:. that's DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!!!! then i went to get a money order, and i sent it off, only to find out (too late) that my seller's bank only accepts it in usps money orders(which i find out later on that there isn't one in canada) , plus the address i sent it to (her bank account ad, originally meant for the wire transfer) was the wrong one :push:. so i ran back to the PO, too late, they sent i out already. SOooooo... i called the PO, (this is canadapost btw) and they told me i can't cancel a money order, and what i need to do is fill up an application to request for a duplicate, which is only going to come through in 90 days when the damn money order expires, and then cash it myself, and THEN VOILA...:crybaby:

    OMG my dear tPFers..!! im about to pull my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh dear!! Scenarios like these why I only pay with paypal, and if a seller doesn't take it, I step back. It's the reason why I as a seller accept paypal.

    I don't know how to be helpful because I don't have experience with this but you should probably contact your seller, and try to get that money order back, as you know to which wrong address it went?

    Good luck!!
  3. Did you consider BidPay?
    You can pay with Visa or Master card. As a buyer, you should not even have an account with them. And their fees are more reasonable than PayPal's ones, so it's good for seller too.
  4. ^^ hm... sounds like that's a potential solution! thanks! :tup:

    yeah.. i think i'm also going to contact the seller and see if she can do anything about... because i'm seriously running out of options...:sad:
  5. Bidpay is for auction payments only (unless she can set up a phony eBay listing)

    What about google checkout??
  6. What address did you mail it to? If she moved wont it be forwarded to her? Or returned to you? I dont understand why her bank will only accept a US Postal MO, that doesnt make sense.

    I hope it works out for you. Isnt buying stuff annoying anymore?
  7. bidpay is a good idea.
    if you can, get a phone number for whoever the money order was sent to and phone them up and bug them until you get a real person that can tell you where the money order is. then ask them to send it back to you.

    if you can get it back, get a refund for it and send the money via bidpay. i hope you can fix the problem. good luck.
  8. omgoodness, this sounds like something that would happen to me! I am so sorry for you. What a mess! Hope it all works out. What address did you send it to? Can the seller retrieve it?
  9. ^^well... she's been patient enough already... i didin't want to push my luck... :s

    and YES that pretty much took a whole lot of joy out of buying!!! :hysteric:
  10. Oh dear..:push:
    I am sorry I don't have any experience in this matter so unable to offer any suggestion..

    Crossing my finger that it will work out for both of you at the end..
    Keep us posted!