Western Union, anyone ever used?

  1. OK, so I am about to purchase a bag from the marketplace and the seller needs WU due to her location. Does anyone have any clue as how it works? I went to their website and there was a link for "sending money to incarcerated loved ones". Hmmm. Is it like a money order? Sorry for being so clueless, but I usually do wire transfers, Paypal or bank check. Thank you so much.
  2. i've used it, but not from my computer or for purchasing things...but isnt wu a wire transfer itself?
  3. I don't know. I always thought it was for people who were up to no good and therefore were not allowed traditional bank accounts. LOL
  4. lol. or stupid boyfriends who get stranded and need money asap.
  5. I had someone from PF send money...from the PHILIPPINES..ITS EASY BUT VERY EXPENSIVE!!!They charge 10% of the amount you send
  6. Good to know...thanks.
  7. I've used WU before. It was before I have Paypal, and yes it was very expensive, but super quick (like less than 1 hour).

    All you do is go to a WU depot, you can find one near you thru their website, I think it's www.westernunion.com.

    You will then be given a money transfer control number (MTCN). Give that to the recipient, so they can pick up the money.
  8. :shame: Thats when I've used it. You can either send a money order or you can do it online using your credit/debit card. The person then goes to a WU place to pick up the money. The fees do stink though, but its an easy process.
  9. Personally, unless you fully trust the other party, I would avoid WU. I do not think they have any buyer protection in place, should the merchandise never arrive or should you get something else, you won't be able to file for a refund... and getting it back via sueing would be much of a pain. I don't say that it's not a way to transfer money, you just may want to be careful who you send it to.
  10. I have had to use WU twice and each time I was on line with undesirables.
  11. I was afraid of that. The WU office closest to my house is in a bad area. So with the WU fees, the bodyguard fees, and the inevitable 10 day course of antibiotics I will need, my, what we do for handbags.

    But the good news is it can all be done online. :amazed:
  12. My only concern with Western Union is that it'ss unprotected. They're not completely concerned with who ultimately ends up with the money. Their job is to transmit the funds, nothing else. So its really up to you to make sure you're remitting funds to someone you know and trust. There's no realbuyer protection program like Paypal. So be careful =D

    ~ Lin
  13. That's true. My only comfort is that it would be going to a PF member.
  14. I have used WU. I wouldn't recommend it either, first there is a fee associated with that which you shouldn't be responsible for. Second, there isn't any protection and if this purchase is lost or stolen there is nothing you can do because its cash (that isn't fair to you). And third, both you and the seller need to protect yourselves. Look at what happened to Becca and Kylie and they shipped thru the post office. Please try to pay for this another way, have the shipper send it COD. That way you have the merchandise and it won't be left with you until you pay for it. That way you both have protection.
  15. Thanks for that. I would be sending it to a fellow PF member so I feel better about that....Sounds like WU has mixed reviews.