Westcoast road trip suggestions!

  1. Hello!
    My man and I are planning a road trip again in 3 weeks.

    We live in Orange county-southern California.

    I am still considered a tourist here to CA..only lived her for about 2-3 years.

    We already went to SanFran,Vegas, Big Bear, surrounding areas..

    What other places would you recommend to visit w/ touristy things to do?

    Please do share!!

  2. What kind of things do you like to do?

    There's Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe (:heart:), Carmel/Monterey, Scottsdale (great resorts outside of town), Baja Mexico. If you wanted to drive a TON, there's the Redwoods in Northern Cal and up into Oregon and Washington.
  3. oh wowie! thanks for that list!

    i see that u are form lake tahoe. what is there to do there?
  4. Re: Tahoe. It's a beautiful, clear mountain lake surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mtns. It's about a 3+ hr drive from SF and I would guess 7ish hours from LA (?). Here are some websites:


    If you like outdoor activities, there's a lot to do in the summer and winter. Right now, tons of hiking, mtn biking, camping, golfing, boating and going to the beach (there are sandy beaches). In the winter, there's lots of ski resorts, some small and some world-class.

    On the Nevada side, there's gambling in small casinos if you like that. There are also great restaurants in some of the towns around the lake (South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Incline Village, Truckee - not right on the lake but about 20 min away). There are great spas at some of the resort hotels.

    There's really zero shopping, though. :tdown:

    I would say Tahoe is a fun place for R&R. Take a drive around the lake, a boat cruise into Emerald Bay, do a hike, play a round of golf, go to a spa, have some good food. It's kind of a mellow vacation spot.

    I moved up here 3 years ago after 13 years in the Bay Area and really love it.
  5. You could also go to Monteray aquarium if you go to Monterey. That's a real neat place!
    And up near Pismo Beach is Hearst Castle and they do tours and it's something dorky I'm into LoL Oh yeah, and the Winchester House. I've never been to the Winchester House but am interested in it and think it'd be cool.
    And I see you already hit San Fran which me and my husband really enjoy!!
    And if you take the 1, the coast route, it's a beautiful drive and you might discover some other places.
    Have fun!
  6. ^^^ HEY! we took the 1 while going up to San Fran!
    I got sooo dizzy!!!
    But it was a beautiful view!!! lol.
    We also visited Hearst castle already too!
  7. redney--thanks for the wonderufl suggestions! i will definitely look into those when i get home!

    keep the suggestions comin!
  8. Hearst Castle is fun huh!
    I was gonna also suggest Yosemite. But if you got sick on the 1, Yosemite might not be such a good idea. I never get car sick and I was sooo sick driving through there! But it is beautiful!
    Are you a AAA member? Maybe you could go there and get some brochures or suggestions as well.
  9. i vote carmel, i bet it is nice and cool there right now