West Palm Beach: What to do/where to shop?

  1. I'm going to be in West Palm Beach next weekend for a wedding & I've turned it into a mini getaway for me & the BF.

    I've never been there before, can anyone suggest any restaurants, bars & of course shopping? Any local interesting things to do would be great too.

    Is South Beach too far of a drive for a night out? I was there in April & would love to go back for an evening/night.

  2. worth avenue for shopping!!! i love it. just drive around, you will find cute shopping. we found this place that is owned by a french couple and we were in heaven because we are french and got to enjoy some of our french goodies we grew up on! where are you staying? we stayed at the breakers and had a fabulous time.
  3. I've only been there for the horse shows but sometimes we get away and tour around a little bit.

    I had a beautiful lunch with my grandparents at the Serenity Garden Tea House. I definately reccomend the Pear and gorgonzola salad with chicken. It was very yummy.

    A lot of people like Maison Carlos but I didn't really like it. The service was really slow and the food was salty.

    Paris in Town was fun and the food was pretty good.

    As for activities. I know when my mom came down she went to some gardents with these beautiful sculptures. I can't remember the name maybe someone from the area can help me out. I went to the zoo because I love animals and I go to zoo's in every city I go to if they have one.
  4. Thanks for the tips. We're staying at the Jupiter Beach Resort in Jupiter since that's where the wedding is.
  5. South Beach wouldn't be too bad of a drive, I think. If you haven't seen it - it might be fun. For shopping Sawgrass Mills is also a gigantic, fabulous outlet mall. Worth Avenue is also really fun - in a different way. If you want a 'mall' experience Boca Town Center might be the closet that I know of - but I only hit Worth Ave. when I'm in WPB.

    Oh and you should have a drink at the breakers in WPB for fun! Btw. the jewelry shopping on Worth Ave. is TDF - seriously insane.
  6. Oh yes, Worth Avenue for sure!!
  7. WPB is my stomping ground, haaayy! :p

    I second (or third) Worth Avenue. See http://www.worth-avenue.com/ for a list of stores and restaurants.

    If you can get to the Breakers for a drink, it's worth it. It's a gorgeous hotel - http://www.thebreakers.com/

    CityPlace is a good place for evening drinks and dinner - http://www.cityplace.com/

    Captain Charlie's Reef Grill is a great restaurant close to where you're staying. It's a hole in the wall dive, but has awesome fresh seafood - http://www.palmbeachpost.com/dining/restaurants/9710/DetailedList.jspd?activity=9710

    The Gardens Mall is the closest shopping area to the Jupiter Beach Resort - http://www.thegardensmall.com/

    And you can always check out the spa at the resort :graucho: The beach up in that area is great, too!

    Have fun!
  8. I'm sure everybody will recommend Worth Avenue, which is a must. Also, the Breakers is not to be missed - for dinner or just a late afternoon drink. Haven't read everyone's answers yet, but these two are very close to you. Have fun and take pics!! :~)
  9. From what I remember on a trip last year, it's about a 40 mile drive between South Beach and west palm. for me that was a pretty rushed day trip/drive but nonetheless fabulous!
  10. Thanks everyone! We're definitely going to check out Breakers for drinks & Worth Ave for shopping based on your suggestions!

    @ Christina-YES! I'm definitely going to the spa. I've heard nothing but good things about it. I'm going to get a massage & have my hair straightened before the wedding.

    Is there are bar or lounge in particular in Breakers we should go to? There looks to be a few!
  11. At the Breakers, visit The Seafood Bar - http://www.thebreakers.com/restaurants_lounges/the_seafood_bar/

    The "bar" is actually a saltwater fish aquarium. My mom and I did a spa weekend at the Breakers a couple of years ago, and the night we arrived we had a drink and an appetizer here. It was so pretty :nuts:

    Have fun!

  12. Definitely check out the Gardens Mall, it's just a hop, skip and a jump from Jupiter, which is my stomping ground. =) And of Worth Ave!