West/East Stam or Chanel

  1. I just tried on the west/east stam and really like it, but I am debating if I should get a Chanel which I also really love. The Chanel I want is only about $500.00 more and would be a great everyday bag- it is on the dressier side. The MJ bag is trendier and a bit more fun. I am so in a quandary right now!! I really need an everyday black bag and then I am set! Any thoughts, comments?? I'm mid-thirties if that makes a difference!
    BGV8524_mn.jpg chanel.jpg
  2. Both bags look really nice, it's going to be a touch decision. My opinion on these bags are opposite of yours, I think the Chanel looks more punk/trendier whereas the east-west stam looks more classic. To each her own!

    You should really go with the bag you feel most comfortable with and plan on using a lot. It's a lot of money to spend on a bag that may end up sitting in the closet.
  3. I really like the Chanel, it looks more classier to me! It looks more like an everyday bag! I am sorry I am biased, I just love Chanel.
  4. Thithi- honestly, I think I would use either bag quite a bit. I have been searching forever for the right black bag. I think the MJ would hold up better, but fear it would go out of style before it would wear out.

    The Chanel is lambskin so my fear this would not hold up as well, but it's something that would never go out of style IMO. I think I am leaning toward the Chanel, but I realy do love the MJ.

    Funny how we see these bags in the opposite light!

    Thanks for your thoughts! You are always so sweet about leaving comments!
  5. Yeah, I think you're right. I purposely didn't post this on the Chanel forum because I knew what everyone would say. I really like the MJ bag, but I :heart: the Chanel.
  6. Honestly, I prefer the thinner & more delicate looking shoulder straps from Chanel. I like certain styles from Chanel, Classic Flap & Reissue are my favorites. =)

    Between the 2 styles you posted, I would go for Chanel but Lambskin is definitely not recommended for everyday wear. Lambskin's so soft & absolutely gorgeous, but extremely high maintenance. Go for Caviar.

  7. I looked at the Caviar Chanel today, I don't really care for it. It does not look luxurious to me at all! I know it will last forever, but I would rather get something that looks the price if I am going to pay that much. I do rotate my bags often, so I really wouldn't be wearing it "everyday". I need something for suits etc.

    Also, the straps are pretty thin and very delicate IMO- and I like it without the leather in the chain. I also like this bag becasue it zips. It's hard for me to use flap bags during the day becasue I don't have the patience for it!
  8. i love chanel too. :smile:
  9. To be honest, the West/East Stam is one of the few MJ bags that I really don't like (even though I like the Stam)
    So my vote definitely goes to the Chanel!! The only thing is that it's lambskin so I'm not sure if it would be suitable as an everyday bag.
    That's the reason I didn't get a lambskin classic flap. I've heard that it scratches easily and you'll have to be more careful with it.
    Sorry I wasn't much help..
  10. I totally understand. =)
    I was set on getting the Classic Flap, but I was only in love with the Lambskin version when I saw them in real life; I was told by the store manager (so honest) that Lambskin's only recommended for evening wear -- one a while outing. I thought about Reissue, but it's a bit more expensive.

    MJ does a very good job with his quilted line, they are nice. =)
    If you like the look of this chain, how about Stam instead of E/W Stam? I like its shape & style a lot more. =)
  11. Have you seen it IRL? It looks better in person IMO. Very similar to the Stam, but smaller. I can't seem to carry off a large bag, so this size suits me better.

    Yes, your post did help though! :flowers:
  12. I love the Reissue too, wish they had a zip version though for day.

    See my post below regarding the Stam.
  13. I felt the same way about Stam's size. I always like Stam (especially in Blush), but I (5') feel overwhelmed by it. I was really looking forward to E/W Stam (it was considered as the smaller version), but I wasn't in love with it when I finally tried it on. Stam is still it for me. =)

    If you feel that E/W Stam suits you better, go for it! What matters is that you like it & will wear it regularly. =)

  14. To be honest, I would choose Chanel.
  15. I like both, but do you think you prefer a silver or gold chain? For me, I found myself having to buy a couple of gold accessories to wear with my stam. So it depends on your wardrobe, and preference and which you think you'll use more often. The Chanel is also more structured than the e/w stam. Which do you think will fit your lifestyle?