West Coast bag designer...NICE!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was shopping the boutiques today in Chicago. I came across a new shop w/ alot of super nice handbags. The owner carries some really nice bags by this designer: Mitzi Baker. Her bags are funky and fun. She's from L.A. The leather on her bags is so nice and soft, and she carries a nice line made out of linen too. Perfect for summer! Any one else heard of her bags?


    Anne :heart:
  2. Never heard of her but really cute! I love the Ariel bag :smile:
  3. Ooohh...very nice, I like the Lulu. I love finding out about new and different designers from this forum!
  4. Yes, they really look even better in person. I too like finding "different" boutique designs.

  5. Did you see the Maude with the woven leather and the bow? I really like the plum on the website and it's half price on sale!:yes:
  6. Oh My Gosh! LOL I know her!!! LOL:yahoo:
    She was one of my hairstyling instuctors at Vidal Sassoon Academy back in the '80's! (and WOW has she changed)
    Anyway, I think her bags are neat. (that's why I looked at her bio LOL). I really like the Maude too. The Linens are nice and the classic rose ray.
    I'm seriously considering getting one. They look like nice quality.
  7. MauiMama...I can't belive you know her!!! That is awesome. Yes, I'm definitely going to get one of those sale bags. The quality of her bags is really nice.

  8. Nice. Very nice.
  9. never heard of her, but I like some of the bags
  10. Cool - love reading about new designers (even though I don't actually BUY the bags)!
  11. Which boutique? This Chicago girl wants to know.....Merci!
  12. ThisIsMyPurse.....the name of the boutique is bess and loie. They are in the west loop (1015 W.Lake St.) She just opened this past Wed. My MD is right around the corner so that's how I stumbled across it. Nothing but great bags and a little bit of jewelry...TDF!!