Weslyn Boot

  1. OMG! I saw these in the latest InStyle I think and I want them so bad. They seem so much like the classic Frye boot. What are your thoughts?:heart:
  2. They look great on line, haven't seen them in person. I love the color and the fact that they're not a high heel-they would look great with jeans tucked into them!
  3. I really like them
  4. Yeah, I really like em! They are like the Frye Campus boot, but with a lower heel and of course more detail.
  5. I bookmarked a picture of them so I'd remember to order them when they're available. Can't wait!
  6. I really like these boots alot and most likely will buy them as my first Coach Boot.
  7. I like them, especially since they are flat (can't do heels). The only problem I have is that I am short and have big calves, so I have a hard time finding long boots that will go over my calves. But I definitely think I would like to give them a try.
  8. would it be too matchy matchy to get those and wear with a legacy in whiskey bag?

  9. I do not think it would be too matchy to wear with a Legacy Whiskey bag at all. I was thinking of wearing them with by Whiskey Ali. I do think that they would look really sharp together. I am getting them for sure as I do not do heels at all.
  10. Ok. I just bought them and the SA's asked if I would have it mailed to the store so they can see them! 3-5 days!!! CANT WAIT. I will wear a cute dress or skirt to the store and them wear those out! I will post picks when they come. I went looking at the new floorset but just really wanted an excuse for the boots!
  11. I'm so jealous!! Coach boots don't fit my calves. :crybaby:Otherwise I would so buy them. Congratulations, that's just awesome! I can't wait to see the pictures.
  12. I totally LOVE those boots! :love:
    Hopefully I will be getting a PCE card so I can buy them (and other things, of course)LOL!!:tup:
  13. my store has them and they are gorgeous. I am contemplating them for PCE.
  14. Love these boots! I've had them on my wishlist for awhile now. I think they would look so awesome with jeans!
  15. Can't wait to see the pics!