Were's Jill?

  1. Is she officially a GlamMa:nuts:
  2. As of 5ish EST, no. Not yet ;)
  3. I'm chatting on the phone with her as I type. Not a Granny yet! (LOL, I don't call her Glam Ma just to annoy her!)
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. ooooh is this for real??
  6. is what for real?
  7. I was thinking of her myself!
  8. Jill becoming a glam ma... I didn't know if it was real or if she was adopting a new purse or something.. but judging by the responses.. i think it's real!! Congrats jill!
  9. Her grandbaby (a reallive one, with arms, legs and whatnot was due yesterday. (Only reason I know this is because yesterday was my daughter's 35th birthday and Jill's daughter was due that day...

    I was looking for her myself, wanted to find out if her baby had HER baby!!! Wanted to call her GlamMa all day now!

    Jillybean, tell her I send my love!
  10. oh Jill can't wait for you to be a glam-ma! Please tell us the news as soon as the little one is here!
  11. Her daughters having a baby;)

  12. :roflmfao: your hilarious speedy!

  13. hahah thanks speedy for clarifying! ohhh how exciting!!
  14. You soooo old Jill, my friend!!! Please note- the family is still away, it is my last nite of peacefulness so I'm drinking babe. Wait - I think I'm having contractions for you...
  15. Shu../Dont call her old!!!! She is my age!!!!!!!!! (and Im NOT old)