Weren't we supposed to get some modeling pics of fall bags today?

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  1. Does anyone know the status? Are the pics still coming as promised?
  2. I believe Lovebags2 was promised some pics, but mentioned Citychris would have to post them.

    Did you ever get those pics Lovebags2??
  3. I know they were really busy packing and shipping out bags today
  4. :woohoo:Woohoo... Great news.
  5. Hi Ladies,

    I was checking my email today constantly for them.

    Jackie just sent me an email saying that her email system is down and will not be able to send them tonight.

    I"m going away on vacation, so, she knows to send them directly to another PF member.

    Any volunteers? I"m hoping that by tomorrow, she will have them forwarded.

    CityChris do you mind posting for us?
  6. Have a fab time Lovebags! What bags are you taking?
  7. If CityChris can't, I would...
  8. Jackie can email me pics also if she wishes.
  9. Thanks Ladies!

    I'll tell Jackie.

    Guess what I"m doing right now? I'm packing my wine weekender!

    I absolutely love it, so far. But, I will be sure to review as I go along.

    I"m going to try and have internet access while we're away either thru our laptop or at the hotel. How could I stay away and miss all the pictures, reviews etc...?

    As for my handbag, I"m taking my black crash LM. The crash leather is just perfect for a vacation. I won't have to worry one bit about any conditions!
  10. lovebags2 - I hope you are going somewhere fabulous! Have a wonderful trip :smile:
  11. Have fun lovebags 2!!! Enjoy your BE bags and vacation ~ very much looking forward to another one of your superb reviews!!! :yes:
  12. Aah, thanks ladies. I look forward to posting many more reviews. Did I tell everyone, today, I purchased a pewter AP? I know, you really have to watch me!!! I can't stop even the day before a vacation, I just had to sneak one more BE in. LOL

    Don't forget, Jackie and I are going to try and coordinate a BE get together in the fall for us all to meet. How wonderful would that be?

    We could attend a trunk show and then all go out for dinner/drinks!
  13. lovebags2, have a wonderful time -- you will be the belle of the ball with your fabulous BE's! And congrats on your AP!
  14. Thank you. Your and Tropical Gals's pewter appreciation, really inspired me to order today. I'm excited to try something different and fun but still within my own comfort zone!

    Thanks again ladies for your reviews!

  15. Oh goodness are you talking about our LM midi's? They are in!!I am so anxious for that bag! I can't WAIT!!! Are they sending them out Royal Mail?

    I really hope that we can see modeling pics tomorrow. I am really waiting on these pics before I order.