Weren't these Asia exclusives? Pink patent bibblegum

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  1. Woodburn has them clearance

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  2. I feel like I saw a similar wallet at wrentham, MA today. Try calling!!
  3. I think they were foreign exclusives that didn't sell, so they sent them to the U.S. I ordered the zip wallet from my SA a couple months ago.
  4. off topic, kind of...but did Wrentham have anything worth the drive?
  5. This is nice, anybody has their item #, TIA!!!
  6. do you remember how much these were? also, what is the one behind the zip around wallets? thanks!
  7. Are those the organizer wallet? What is the style number?
  8. Yes, they were Asian exclusives. Someone posted a reveal on them a few months ago and I was able to call JAX to order. I got the wallet on chain which is the wallet behind the zippy one in the pics. Style #45843. Price was $248.
  9. They had a large wristlet, zip around wallet and a wallet on a chain thingy like a organizer
  10. Oooh, I had wanted that "wallet on a chain thingy like an organizer" when I saw a reveal several months ago, especially in a color called bubblegum. :biggrin:
  11. In case you decide to order or do a charge send...the code for the bubblegum colored one is SV/P2. The lighter one (like the wallet in front) is SV/PK.
  12. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I don't live near any outlets, so doing a charge send isn't really possible for me since they normally require you to go to an outlet to order items. One of these days I keep hoping we get our own outlet. :graucho:
  13. You're welcome.:smile: I wish you could just order over the phone...wouldn't that be great!?!
  14. That would b the freakin best
  15. :cool: