Were you waiting for these pics? :)

  1. Here you go :yes: (Not my bag though :p so no need to be envious hehe)

    Followed my shopping buddy to LV when she collected her Miroir Lockits.. She was the first to waitlist for both the gold and silver.

    I think these bags are pretty BUT i had my eyes on something else hehehe :graucho: Pics to come later ;) Not giving any clue right now lol

    i personally prefer the lockit to the speedy because it is less bulky and i like the silver better. The gold was a little too bright for my taste. Nevertheless my friend prefered the gold and has decided to eBay the silver lockit (i have nothing to do with this, except for a treat for helping her, so dont kick me :p lol)

    Anyway.. enjoy these pics :heart: I hope they help in your decision making process in some way! Im sorry i do not have pics of the gold lockit though. That bag is with her since she has decided to use it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. And i thought you might need some modelling pics too :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. GORGEOUS! :drool:
  4. Wowza! Thanks for sharing!
  5. wow, I have never been a fan of miroir, but this is gorgeous!
  6. Yikes, that bag is 2DIE4! :drool: Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics.
  7. that is so hot, congrats
  8. WoW!! I am so jealous!!
  9. omg its gorgeous ! how much does it retail for ?

    you pull it off really well maybe you should buy it from her :p
  10. Very nice. Me likey.
  11. you look fab in that!!! wish i had a figure like urs.

    i love the silver miroir lockit
  12. VERY nice purchase!!! Can you please take an interior pic? :nuts:

    I looooove the new hot bag, congrats! I am also envious of your figure! ;)
  13. She paid a total of £1600++ :yes: So i think it was less than £850 each.. cant remember exact price.. i was distracted by a couple of things.. hehe

    Thank you for the compliment but unfortunately i dont have enough money to buy it off her :nogood:.. she is hoping to fetch a high price for it :p

    Besides i dont love this bag enough to pay that much premium. I am in love with something(s) else :love:.... hehe ;)
  14. well thats too bad it looks great i cant wait to see what youre in love with though your style rocks :tup:
  15. I love it, now I'm so happy I'm on the waitlist for the silver, its beautiful and it looks great on you!:tup: and now I can't wait to see what you got. LOL