Were you at the Sony Ericsson Open?

  1. First of all I have to say that I have been gone so long I didn't recognize this place when I got back.

    Went to Miami for the Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament. The purses, the jewelry, the clothes....it was almost too much for one woman to handle. Usually I am skeptical of fakes, but not in this place.

    Anywhoo, was anyone there sporting their Chanel finery?

    Laurel (missed you guys):crybaby:
  2. I wasn't there...........but I would have loved to see everyones bags!!!:p
  3. I would have loved to have been there - I'm a huge tennis fan!! And I think it's great that you can take in a match dressed up nicely, but personally, when I go to the U.S. Open, I'm all about the tennis (plus it's usually soo hot!), so I don't rock my Chanel bags, or wear nice clothing :smile: If I were dating a tennis player and sitting pretty in a player's box, then sure haha, but otherwise I'll pass :smile: What matches did you get to see luvmychanel? I'm so jealous! :smile:

  4. i love the US open to fashion/bag watch... so much to see, sometimes it's distracting from watching the games!!
  5. We saw the men's semi finals and finals and a women's doubles match.

    I was in tank top and shorts but I did have my casual chanel back pack that I have had forever. It was great because I didn't mind putting it on the ground under my seat. Gotta love that caviar.

    We were disappointed though, because all the players we wanted to see (me love Rafa:heart:) were out by the time we got there.