Were you at the Short Hills Mall today with a coco cabas?

  1. Coco Cabas sighting:
    You: Beautiful asian woman with black baby cabas at Bloomies (commented on my khaki cabas:love: )

    You: Gorgeous woman shopping with DH (or BF) at NM with vinyl coco cabas

    Me: Toting my khaki baby cabas!
  2. you are so funny! rockerchic!
  3. I didn't have a chanel, but I thought I saw you there! I was there with my little guy and no specific handbag (just my trusty LV wallet in the back pocket of his stroller). Your bag is totally gorgeous!!!
  4. Really? How cool!! I had the bronze baby cabas and was wearing jeans and sort of a maroon/plum sweater (also a brown leather jacket still I started hotflashing!:p )--I was with my Mom and Niece...
  5. :roflmfao: This thread is too funny, Rockerchic!
    I hope you find your "targets" :graucho:
  6. I wanted to blurt out "purse forum" but was too shy:shame: !
  7. ^ :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Haha, I love this thread!!

    Hopefully they were tPF ladies. I think I would be too shy to talk (or mention) tPF too
  9. This is a riot! I always chat up women with designer bags and mention tPF. My last target wa a woman with a Chloe Edith tote.
  10. too funny..

    Rockerchic, I wonder if we have seen each other countless of times at Short Hills before...
  11. Rockerchic, that's too cute!
  12. LOL such a cute thread

    d'ya think we should have bumper stickers saying "PFer" ?
  13. I did that once and it turned out to be KathyD! I was so surprised that I accidentally met a tPFer!!!:yahoo:
  14. Yup, it was definitely you that I saw. I wonder how many other pf ladies I've passed at Short Hills. I am usually there at least once a week with my little guy. He was obsessed with the Happy Feet penguins in the Santa area.
  15. Addicted--I wish I had met you! I am there all the time, next time blurt out PF and we can laugh together!! :smile: I'll be looking for you and little guy! :smile:...Hmmm, were you meeting a friend by the area in front of The Limited? I am trying to place you!
    doulos, I bet we have! I live in NY but work in Jersey on Mon and Wed...after work I generally swing by for a little retail therapy!