Were you always a fan of Hermes?

  1. I was taking a break from my busy schedule and watched the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha tries to buy a Birkin. I watched this episode for the first time 2.5 years ago and that was the very first time I was consciously aware of an Hermes bag and I did not like it (don't kill me!!). After that, I never bothered to look into Hermes or any of their other bags and stayed that way until about mid/end of September 2006.

    After I came to love Hermes, I wondered for a while if it was an acquired taste for bags for a while. I know I loved the garden party when I first laid eyes on it and, went googly eyed over the Bombay-Paris, and thought the Kelly was just so elegant. After reading up on the quality and craftsman ship on H bags and their durability to last lifetimes, I found myself in love with almost every bag they have, including the Birkin.

    But when I re-watched that episode last night, I realized why I was turned off by the bag when I first saw it. First is when Samantha sees the bag in store and the SA shows it to her. In that scene, the bag seemed old to me, like the leather looked uneven and so it made me think it was poorly made. Then in another scene, I actually see someone carry it and it is HUGE! I did not realize the Birkin came in different sizes back then so I thought all Birkins were travel sized.

    Now I love them :heart:
  2. I remember I walked in one day and it was a little over 2K for a bag (I forgot which one!) and my father balked and said "I'm not buy you that!" so since then I've been pining away and saving money to buy them items I don't need (but want!). That was in 2002. But I bit it hard in the summer of 2006.
  3. I have heard of the Birkin espisode of SATC but have never seen it. I have been fascinated with Hermes since I was a youngster and that is quite a few years ago now! I am also a Kelly girl and always have been. I love to see the other ladies acquire their Birkins but have no interest in them for myself ( thankfully for my wallet!) I have also loved the scarves for many years.
  4. Yes, always.
    I remember when I was first allowed to go shopping on my very own as I turned sixteen, everybody at H was simply fantastic, even though I was "just" a teenager.

    Of course every SA at the high end boutiques is friendly, but as usual the Hermès personnel was even more commited than others...They were always gorgeous:smile:
  5. I fell in love with the Kelly when I was a teenager looking at old pictures of Grace Kelly.

    Later, as a college student in NYC, I fell in love with a gold peau porc sellier Kelly being carried by an impeccably dressed, well-coiffed lady with ramrod straight posture and perfect teeth waiting on the subway platform. It was like fireworks when I laid eyes on that Kelly. When I could finally afford one, that was my first bag, a gold peau porc Kelly.
  6. What a splendid anecdote of how you caught the spirit of the Kelly that day, HG!:balloon:
    Do you still own that particular bag?
  7. Of course. I simply can't part with her.
  8. HG what a great story.

    I really grew into Hermes. My mom always loved nice bags but never owned an Hermes. My father went to medical school in italy and became very aware of european luxury goods. My father still has a pair of gucci loafers from 20 years ago. He taught me to buy fewer items that were better quality and they will last longer.

    When I graduated college I worked for Donna Karan. My fashion obsession began. My first handbag obsessions were prada at the time and my taste has matured over time!!! Now my true handbag love is Hermes, although I do still love Chanel....just not as much.
  9. princess, what a great question! To answer, I have always been a fan of quality. I was taught by my parents to expect the best and strive for it.

    I, naturally, gravitated to Hermes.
  10. I was a slow Hermes lover. When I first graduated, the idea of owning a Hermes bag was simply not in the question ... all I knew then was it was very expensive. I started buying all other brands of bags from no-brand, coach, LV, MJ, chanel, blah blah and suddenly, owning a Hermes bag is not that difficult, especially if I stop buying all other brands and stick to a couple of classic bags.

    That idea came when I was preparing for my wedding, I want something classic, so in 10 years time, we want to still look "in". :p Our wedding theme was something very classic and personalised. From then on, I started focusing on items that are classic. LV speedy, Chanel Classic Flap and Hermes Kelly are what currently in my bag collection, I am still downsizing them to make room for more Hermes bags.

    So yes, I never had Hermes on my mind before I came to TPF. It was curiousity of high profile Birkin bags that brought me to this sub-forum. It was the Bolide that brought me into my local H store (first ever H store visit) and it was Kelly that made me fall in love and I fell hook, sink and line :heart: :love:
  11. What a great question. In my 20s and into my 30s, aside from the fact that spending that much money on any item seemed outrageous considering our modest means, I had always associated Hermes with pretentousness due to a somewhat boorish co-worker who insisted on only wearing the best brands, especially Hermes, and constantly bragged about it. He really turned me off to the idea of even entering a store. Fast forward to a few years ago as I was trying to "find" my style (buying an IT bag every 6 months only to tire of it soon after) I realized what a waste of money it was to NOT buy quality. Then I found TPF...and it was all downhill from there:yes:. I have since learned that quality IS Hermes, but class is entirely what the wearer makes of it.
  12. I also think having a love of horses and all things equestrian related from childhood, Hermes naturally appealed to me perhaps more than any other luxury brand would...
  13. That makes sense! Early exposure to quality too, perhaps!
  14. Not really ... but I think the past is all too fuzzy to me now :roflmfao:
  15. Much to my Husband's dismay!:graucho: