Were you addicted to something else before Chanel bags?

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  1. I was crazy about shoes and brought afew pairs every time I was home in the UK (I have spent about 6 months max. in the UK over the last 7 years) but now I'm really loving my Chanel bags.:heart:
  2. Well as far as "addictions" (lol), I'd have to say other bags in the Gucci and LV lines. Also, makeup. I am still an utter makeup addict.:blush:
  3. Prada bags and shoes!
  4. Hmm really nothing back then (my pre Chanel life) I never collected LV, shoes, but I did buy alot of clothes from BCBG for a while. Still do but not as often! Chanel is taking over 100% of my shopping eye.... Gerard Darel is #2!
  5. Oh yes, lots of addictions here. Let's see, Manolo's, Missoni clothing, Etro clothing and I'm still into my Jay Strongwater picture frames. Sunglasses used to be a problem also, but I kicked that habit.
  6. oh forget it. i went through an lv phase, still in the hermes phase (love the scarves, love them). right now in the depths of the chanel and manolo phase. also love nanette lepore and tory burch clothing. and dvf. was DEEP in to dvf for a while. still am (just got a top and a dress) but not as much.
  7. hmm. not really -- i loved to shop but I was also good about controlling my spending habits. My bag obssesion didn't actually begin until a few months ago, and since tPF, it has steadily gotten worse. :p And now I'm also obsessed with shoes.
  8. current obsession is balenciaga and chanel
  9. I've always been obsessed with clothing and bags.
  10. gucci bags and boots !
  11. My other addictions are prada, balenciaga, and LV. AND WATCHES!
  12. Absolutely LV !!
  13. I'm addicted to nice things!
  14. I was addicted to Gucci and LV. Now, 100% Chanel.
  15. hmmm.. I'm addicted to LV before I got into Chanel! Now, LVs look soo boring for me with their monograms and fakes everywhere!