We're thinking of having anothe baby!

  1. Just kidding! We are thinking of getting a little girl Chihuahua tho. You know what they say two is a set, three is a collections. I guess that would make me a Chihuahua collector.

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  2. Awww, that's an adorable pup!
  3. I just want to put him in my pocket! what a cutie!
  4. oh my goodness she is adorable :love:
  5. She's adorable !
  6. What an adorable pup! I have this exceptional affection towards doggies. I know what you mean. I have two cavalier king charles (blenheim, which is white and brown dots and a black/tan one). I keep wanting a third one, which would be tricolored pattern. My parents keep reminding me that I should concentrate on having my own child first before getting another dog!

  7. I know! I just can’t get enough of wet noses and big brown eyes. :love:
  8. Aww, that pup is too adorable!
  9. Awww ... now I want another baby. S/he is so cute!!!!:love:
  10. Awww, she is too adorable. I really want a dog now. My boyfriend made me look at puppies online because he wanted to get one. When he told me that he wasn't planning on buying one soon I started to cry because the puppies were so cute and I wanted to take all of them home. I mean look :sad2: I wish I could take them home.
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  11. Those are soooooooooo cute!!!! I saw a gal at the store last time with the tiny chihuahua in her palm, he was still a baby and SO not shy lol and too adorable! I used to have a chihuahua too, but my mom gave her away...she was a beauty too!
  12. Aaaaaw, all these puppy-pictures makes me want a little dog too... So cute! :smile:
  13. What a cutie!!!
  14. to cute
  15. We just got our second Min pin 2 days ago. She is 8 weeks old and a PISTOL! I love her, we have named her Lilly. My Violet on the other hand is having a hard time. I think they will be fine in a few weeks but watching Violet struggle has made my heart hurt. I am giving more love ( I did not think it was possible) and showing her she is STILL THE LADY of the house. Its truly an adventure around here at the moment. I will post pics soon. I am in bed with the flu and miserable. :sad: Good luck with the new pup...let us know how is goes!)