Were the stolen Carrie SATC Manolo's really $485?

  1. So i was watching my sex and the city DVD's and saw the stolen Manolo siler d'orsay episode, and they were saying they wre only $485!! Granted this was back in 2004....but still, was the original price really $485?

    I paid $690 for mine a few months ago.Just curious...:yes:
  2. that's what you paid retail, or on eBay?

    eBay is almost always inflated when it comes to designer shoes. i'm so happy i have a home in a city with gobs of designer shoes or i'd be screwed.
  3. Yeah $485 was the price then, but the Sedaraby style now retails for $645 plus tax so that brings your total to nearly $700.
  4. I have three pairs, all of which I bought used ... I think retail is about $650; eBay is considerably higher. I've seen some sellers getting almost $900 for the 4-inch silver sedarabys.
  5. Oh i paid retail on mine from Manolo in NYC. I think they were more spendy because they were the 4 inch hells. I've been having pric eincrease headaches with Chanel lately....and was just suprised to see how much higher shoes were now....
  6. ^ those are breath taking ... if only I were a 38 ... somebody grab them!!
  7. Wait a second ... I know why they are a steal (for $550, right? Ha.) ... they are only 3 inch heels.

    The 4-inch are considerably more expensive on Ebay. The 4-inch heels are the SATC stolen shoe's height.
  8. inflation :hrmm:
  9. hahaha ^^^^(reading post number 8 then 9) - heel height, inflation :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. i believe that was the price back then... sigh
    i also bought mine at 645$ and plus tax they came up to 699$ i think
  11. In NYC they sell for $ 675 for the normal version, the snake skin version (called Sudy), which a very nice person bought for me costs nearly $ 1200 :smile:
  12. When did the price go up, right after the episode aired in 04?
  13. Does anyone know if the price is going to go up again??
  14. Crazy... I didn't even realize the shoes would go up that much. I am sure they price hiked them up after that episode. :smile: