Were Not Together Anymore, Now What ?

  1. How do you decide who gets what restaurants,bars and friends post-breakup ?

    Would you distinguish those acquired before and during the relationship ?
  2. oh gosh that would be hard, we had a lot of same friends even before we related.
    but maybe the nature would answer the question, i would hate to do this with my ex??
  3. Hmm... that's a good question. Almost every guy I've dated has lived roughly 35-45 minutes from me so we're never in the same area, really. If you figure this out, let me know! Lol. I'd almost say it's not really a picking places and friends kind of deal. In these situations you really find out who your friends really are and I wouldn't shy away from specific locations. If both parties are able to act like adults, it shouldn't be an issue.
  4. everything would have to sort itself out by "natural selection" if you will. at least, thats the way I would look at it.
  5. Yeah, natural selection is the way I'd view it. Though I guess I'd hope that the friends you had before the relationship would stay on your side.
  6. I agree with this as well. This happened to me and an ex BF...I started playing a team sport and ended up meeting him and we started dating! Then I met a ton of people he knew through our sports league, both male and female. I mean TONS. We would throw parties for 90+ people at his house all the time. He was just that type of gregarious guy.

    when we split up I was so worried that everyone would shun me because I had only really met them through him initially. But in the end I still socialize with everyone we know in common and he and I are buds so it's really the best that it can be.
  7. I just go where I want. As far as friends go, if they want to keep in touch with both of us, that's fine with me. There's plenty of love and space in the world for both of us.
  8. I agree! The city where I live is much too small to avoid anyone and the circles my bf and i travel in our very small and everyone knows everybody else and gossip and drama are quick to spread. Purposely avoiding people is childish.
  9. I get everything.... he gets nothing. Isn't that how it should be??? :graucho:
  10. ^^^ditto that
  11. ^^yeah, sure!;)
  12. Why does there have to be a division of places we can go to because the relationship is dissolved? I think it should be free for all. A step in the getting over process is to see your ex at common places and not trip out. Like in NYC, everyone runs in the same crowd in certain scenes and i would hate to think i would have split up the venues because i split up in my relationship. :wtf:
  13. Give it some time and things will work out on its own. If it is too much to run into them when you are out, dont sweat it, stay home for awhile or go somewhere new. Im sorry to hear about your news.
  14. Thanks for all your responses ladies,:heart:

    This was not a personal experience of mine, rather it was just one of my a hypothetical question's.

  15. So true. It's such a small world. I see my ex and other "exs" around all the time because we all hang out in the same places. New York is so tiny!