We're Moving! Woohoo!

  1. I posted a few weeks ago about my fears living in this neighborhood of mine, with the gangs, drugs, and other nefarious activities. My mother and I were both pretty frightened.

    The final straw came last week, when the SWAT team arrived at 7:30am, started screaming, and forced their way through an upstairs neighbors door with a battering ram. :wtf: I peeked out my window, and one of the SWAT members was pointing towards me with a high powered rifle...guess they were securing the perimeter. I thought it was because of the drug trafficking there, but when I saw the noon news I was shocked. There was a live shot of our apartments, and 3 people had been arrested for the murder of a 15 year old committed at the end of August. :wtf:

    Thankfully my mother was at work, so she didn't have to witness the operation.

    In the 4 years we've lived at these apartments, the quaity has gone down..well, I guess you get the picture.

    We immediately started looking for another place. My grandmother graciously decided to assist us with our moving expenses, and we found the most beautiful complex! It's in a semi-posh area, gated, and truly luxurious living. A Great Room, Game Room, Gym, Tanning Bed, pool & hot tub, gorgeous flowers and landscaping everywhere. There's a fabulous gazebo with a BBQ which can be used by all. Only 52 units, the managers live on property, it's like Heaven on Earth! :heart: I'm just so relieved to be moving to a safe area. All the aminities are wonderful, but the peace of mind living there is what I'm most greatful for. It's also located very near to both our jobs, and it will be easy to commute to all my orchestra gigs.

    We signed the lease yesterday, and will be moving on the 26th of this month! :yahoo:

    Thanks, all, so much for your support. :love:

    Time to find boxes and get packing!
  2. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy your move and stay in your new place!
  3. Awesome!! Congratulations to you and your mom! Your new home sounds lovely and much safer for you two. Enjoy!
  4. Great, congrats!
  5. cOngrats on your move~!!
  6. Congrats and best of luck in your new location!
    Hope you and your Mom stay safe.
  7. CONGRATS on the move!!!!
  8. GREAT!!! I hate packing, but in this case, I would even come help! lol
  9. Thanks, all!

    :roflmfao: This is the first move where I'm EXCITED to pack! :lol:
  10. WOO! Congratulations!
  11. WOW, that sounds wonderful! Im so happy for you!
  12. What a relief! You deserve to be in a much better environment. Good luck to you!
  13. Congratulations on finding a new home so quickly! It sounds divine! Enjoy the peace and quiet :smile:
  14. I'm REALLY happy for you! I grew up in areas like that and have lived in a low crime, nice area for 10 years now :smile:
  15. Thank you all so much. :love:

    I just got so excited, I had to come share it with my bag peeps. :lol:

    I'm up early to scout stores for cardboard boxes. Funny how I can allow myself to spend hundreds on bags, but don't want to actually buy moving boxes. :shame::roflmfao: