We're moving today, wish us luck!

  1. Today is (finally!) moving day. Our lease doesn't end until the 15th, so we have a few days to wrap things up with our apartment. We're moving to an adorable house not too far from where we currently live. It's perfect for us!

    Anyhow, today is going to be tiring and stressful, hauling all of our stuff out of our 3rd floor/attic apartment and getting it all into the new house. But I'm also so excited! We found a place that we love and it will feel so good to get out of this apartment and into an actual house.

    Wish us luck! I'm just hoping it doesn't rain, haha.
  2. Good luck and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Congratulations on the new house, good luck with the move!
  4. congrats!!!! and good luck!!! my boyfriend and i just moved from our old 2nd floor apt to a house and its such a relief!!!!
  5. Thanks everyone!

    courtneyh: I bet! I'm so excited to not have any other people living in the same building, and not hiking up and down the stairs (especially with the dogs or with groceries/laundry). The house we're moving to is a big step up from what we're currently living in, too. It's nice inside, has new appliances, a fenced-in backyard, a deck on the front and back, a washer & dryer, a dishwasher... I can't wait to get settled, it's going to be such a good change for us. :yahoo:
  6. Good luck!!!! I know it's a huge pain in the BEHIND but it's soooo worth it!!! I am actually unpacking today from moving last month~ LOLOL!
  7. Good luck to you and Congrats!!
  8. good luck on your move!! it'll be tiring for the day but it'll be worth it when everything is moved in. congrats!!
  9. ahh good luck, and hope your new home is a really happy one :smile:
  10. Thank you! :love:

    All my hard work packing up our apartment has paid off (my boyfriend was out of town for work so I've been busy doing it all), because my boyfriend and his friends are doing most of the physical move themselves. Woo! I'm over at my parents' house with our dogs, staying out of the way and getting some laundry done so we have clean bedding and stuff. Don't want to bring any dirty laundry into the new place! They've already brought half the stuff over to the new place and it's sitting in the U-Haul right now while they go play a softball game. Moving INTO a one-story house will be so much easier than moving OUT of a 3rd floor apartment! :lol:
  11. I hope your move goes smoothly!
  12. Congrats on your new home and good luck with the move!!
  13. good luck
    ad wish u a good life in the new house .
    i'm moving this weekend to our new apartment so i know what u have been through .
  14. Good luck in your new home, hope you have many happy years there!
  15. Congratulations and good luck in the new house :smile: