Were Last Season's Dr. Q Groovee Satchels Nicer Than Now?

  1. I've heard that the Dr. Q Groovees were better in Fall '07 then in Spring '08. Is this true? I know that the hardware changed...but I've also heard that these newer bags were slightly smaller.
    I'm so sad about that - if it's true - that they're not as nice. I really wanted to look into getting the Saddle since getting it in Nice Tan seems to be a dream - but I'm not going to settle. Plus the Mouse Grey just looks delicious as well and that's a new color!
    What's a girl to do??
    I also heard that it's like a puddle of mush when you put it down.
    Ugh. I feel stuck.
  2. they were like a puddle of mush last season to. they do not hold their shape at all.

    that being said, i saw the newer ones at Saks today and i think the quality itself looked the same. jmho.
  3. Yeah, that's what I thought. Soft and smooshie are the operative words here.
    I guess it's just the whole hardware thing that I've heard isn't so nice....and that they're not as great in general. What a shame that would be.
    I wonder if I heard wrong. Too bad I can't compare....:shrugs:
  4. There are other subtle differences as well. I don't have pics to show, but the place where the handles attach to the bag are different between fall 07 and spring 08. It's hard to explain, but I have a fall 07 dr. q groovee and a spring 08 dr. q dakota and I can see the difference. I wouldn't say nicer, because that grey is so cute, but definitely different. I'll try to find pics!
  5. i wasn't that impressed w/ the dr groove's i saw from the spring line. imho the saddle leather i saw on the dr. groove i tried on was a lot different than my bordeux dr. groove..and not in a good way. its definitly by no means horrible, but i do think that out of the ones i saw last season's were better.
  6. Do you mean like the leather has changed?
  7. i prefer the fall groovees. the leather is so much nicer than the new ones. with the exception of the mouse grey, i think the original colors are nicer too. i said this in another post, but i don't like the new design changes. it makes the bag loses what character it had. it's still pretty to be sure, but it's meh to me.
  8. I'm worried now ... because I intended to buy a Dr. Q Groovee in canvas white color ... on Neiman Marcus ... but reading what you've written ... I'M IN DOUBT!

    What do you think? Please, help me!
  9. I don't know, debora, it's a tough call. If you really love the style of the bag and want one of the spring colors, I would say go for it. Even if they continue the bag in Fall 08, the bags could still be different from the original Fall 07 bags. I had this same issue with the softy faridah. I purchased mine from the Spring 07 batch I think with the small paisley lining, but when I purchased the Spring 08 softy faridah I did not like it at all. The leather was a lot stiffer, the bag did not fall the same way and I didn't like the lining. So I am still in search of a slouchy, smooshy black softy faridah and am hoping that either the fall or Spring 09 bags are better. Anyway, sorry for the rant, but I do know how you feel. The quality of the new Groovees is still nice, though, so it's a tough call!
  10. Hi, surlygirl! What color you've purchased the Softy Faridah? Please, don't tell me is grass color! I'm crazy about this color and I hope I can buy some MbMJ Spring 2008 bag in this gorgeous color!
  11. One doubt ... doesn't the Spring 2008 Faridah bag come with the logo lining anymore?
  12. Why oh why did they have to do that!? :confused1: I'm feeling my hopes are a little dashed for my grey Dr. Groovee. Damn, I've gotta get out and try one on. I saw it like six months ago - I don't know where my head was - I should have grabbed it.
    I'm hearing from so many people that the Nice Tan and the new Saddle color just don't compare.....:sad:
  13. I don't think they're smaller? I think the leather's just thinner meaning lighter (which is a good thing!) but the smoothness and smooshiness is the same. I like the spring colors better though. And the gold hardware, I like better than brass.