We're Having Hot Dogs Tonight!

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  1. :yahoo: Gearing up for Spring Training.

    I don't know why I'm so excited. Hubby is on his way home and suggested hot dogs. I make Nathans Beef Weiners on toasted wheat french rolls with cheese and onions and hot mustard. mmmmmmmmmmm.

    Just wanted to share.
  2. Sounds delicious!!! Nathan's are THE best!!!
  3. I :heart: hot dogs!!! All beef - even better!
  4. I'm partial to hebrew national, but I've never had Nathan's. As long as they have black grill marks and a skin that pops, I'm game!


    Are you in FL, CA or AZ? I love Spring training!
  5. Hot Dogs = Complete bliss

    Makes me ready for summer!! Nothing better than a grilled hot dog and some ice cold lemonade!!

  6. I'm in SoCal! Go Dodgers!!!!
  7. We pretty much only buy Hebrew National or Nathans. (When we lived in Cali we used to get Farmer John & those were tasty).

    There's a local hot-dog stand that makes a chili-sauce polish hot dog with relish, mustard & cream cheese. It sounds crazy, but OMG are those to-die-for hot dogs. We are trying to see if we can match it at home.
  8. um, what's Spring training?
    I love hot dogs but in France we don't use the same meat as you (it's nearly everytime pork meat- we call em saucisse de Strasbourg or frankfurters)
    hope u had a great time , sounded too good!
  9. MMMMmm I like hot dogs with relish and mustard on sesame seed buns. This reminded me of something I saw on the History Channel last night. I was watching a doc. on FDR and Elenor Roosevelt. Well they invited the king and queen of England to visit and have a picnic on the White House lawn. The queen was upset she couldn't enjoy a hot dog because her mouth was too small... hahahahhaha oh the jokes...

  10. Spring Training is basically the warm up season for US baseball teams. The guys come out to the warmer states and begin practicing and prepping for the summer! It's quite fun when you are a local as tickets are very cheap!
  11. I :heart: the Hebrew National hot dogs. Those are soooo good. :drool:
  12. that sounds so good right now
  13. i love hotdogs but they have to have the casing -- soft hotdogs are gross! i prefer them ny style just with mustard but i also like chicago (onions, tomatoes, pickles, celery salt). yum!
  14. THANKS FOR THE INFO! Where I live it's more about rugby ...
  15. Mmm hot dogs...I like all beef ones, and I like them plain!