We're getting a treadmill!!!

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    OMFarkingGosh I'm SO excited!!! This one we're getting is bloody brilliant, and it's $1000 off, as well - plus not all upfront, just 25% deposit and the rest interest-free over a year. No casualties! :woohoo:

    And it's absolutely luverly. Has all the varied incline and speed programs I want, plus 2 spare for me to program in speed sessions. Big display, and quick buttons to change the elevation and speed. Also it's got a built in Polar pulse rate wotsit and can not only display your PR but also there are two preset Heart Rate Control programs which adjust the speed and incline so as to keep your PR at either 70% or 90%, whether you want fat loss or cardio. I've just been away working in another town and they had a similar Repco machine there too that I loved, so am reassured that I've already tried something by that brand. It changed speed and incline nice and quickly rather than the slow winding up of the gym machine I'm used to! This one is from a different line but has all the same features plus a motor that is even bigger, so I'm not worried on it's performance.

    This is big news mostly because with work I'm on call at night, and so can't go off running because I'm tied to that big blue and white truck. I have to go to the gym and run on the treadmill, which means not only waiting for others but also feeling guilty when I'm on it because I run for so long I feel like I'm hogging it. This will save all that grief and hassles of sharing, plus I won't be put out whenever some arsehole kiddie gets on and breaks something on it. When I'm back to running properly too I'll be able to do HIIT and sprints on it as it's top speed is 18km/h. :tup:

    We'll have our very own one at home to train on, no smelly gym people around, nobody else's sweat all over the display. We're going to keep it downstairs under the house, this old Qldr is built in and there's a concrete floor to put it on. We'll make it nicer down there, clear out the junk, set up a ton of fans and some speakers and have a wee little home gym! I also want to get a punching bag and an elliptical down there, plus a bench and some free weights. It's going to be just as super great for MrFrankie, too, as he wants to get back into fitness and running but has put on a little and is shy of going down the gym.

    OMFG I'm too excited for words. I keep making typos 'cos my fingers are excited too! Not sure when exactly we'll get it, it has to come from Perth on the other side of the continent, but it's hopefully soon. Mind you, I probably won't need it by the time it comes.. I'll be as fit as I'll ever get from hopping from foot to foot in the meantime, impatiently awaiting it's arrival! [​IMG]
  2. alright Frankie- wanna be my treadmill buddy.

    I've had one for over a year and a half and have sparingly used it.

    and- I need to start losing weight. my goal in the next 6 months is somewhere around 50 pounds.
  3. FA, I'm there! Training buddy is just what I need. :yes:
  4. Me too- I need to start planning my weeks- they go by so fast esp since being in school.

    My goal is basically just building myself up to a fast jog. I'm starting this week with 45 min of walking each day.

    It's pretty amazing how exercise releases anxiety and stress.

    Kinda reminds me of that song by was it Envogue? Free your mind?

    or am I totally off. haha!!
  5. Oh, I could use a buddy too. I just started faithfully getting on the treadmill again this week. :wlae:I use to get on it every day and then somehow I got lazy in the last few months. Trust me, it shows. I lost 35 pounds a year ago and have put on seven from eating more and moving less.:shame: Oh, did I get that backwards? Oops... heh heh So, it looks like I'll be on it for life if I want to fit through doors.:roflmfao:

    Congratulations on your new treadmill. It looks like it is a beauty.